Thursday, May 25, 2006

Training: Admittance to Lydiard

As I am taking it easy in recovery from the ROC Marathon my attention is focusing toward developing a plan for a fall marathon. Historically I am self-coached with brief periods in the past of structured "Club Training". To get to the next level will take a change from previous training or the results may be the same or slower.
Initially, the plan is to follow Pfitzinger's Advanced Marathoning >70 M for 18 weeks. When developing this site and exploring others its peaked my interest to consider the Lydiard method. Awhile back I was given Daniels' Running Formula as a gift and found VDOT and other concepts hard to follow. Everything was just too technical, but now it's time to reconsider.
Wait, what's the difference between Daniels and Lydiard?
Recovery running this week is going great, very happy with taking the rest immediately follwing the ROC as the hills really pounded my legs.


  1. There's an 80 or so page thread on's message board about the differences between Daniels and Lydiard, though it's mostly about Lydiard.

    Daniels was just too structured for me, see Dallen's blog for a good example of Daniels in action. Pfitzinger didn't seem to really bring about a strong peak, though his "under 70" 18 week schedule got me from 2:58 to 2:47 so I can't say anything bad about him. If you look at Pfitz's schedules they're pretty much a "Lydiard-light" without the hill phase. I think most runners would benefit greatly from any one of these three, but you know who gets my vote. Feel free to email me if you need copies of Lydiard's schedules, though the books say it all.

  2. Mike, Thanks for your point of view. Didn't know Dallen was using Daniels. I found the letsrun thread and reviewed it partially, as there is a massive amount of information there.

    I'll send you an email, suprisingly out of all the running books we have none are Lydiard, shameful.