Sunday, June 04, 2006

MesoCycle V Week 4

Weekly Review

Total Miles: 62.25
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: all runs, need to get better at the routine
Yoga: One
P\U, S\U: 100\200

Notes: Absolutely enjoying the 8:00\mile pace, very relaxing. This is the second to last for the recovery per Pfitzingers Advanced Marathoning. I ran 62 to his 42 schedule.
I registered with the USATF and to run the Cape Cod Marathon. Currently at 21 weeks out and will use the next couple as conditioning.

Issues to Note:
1. Rock hauling blew out my lower back in the latter part of the week. This destroyed the situps and push-ups for the week.
2. The very slight inner right shin dull sensation feels like it is finally subsiding. What caused it? I also noticed I had a couple of bruises on both legs, possibly from rock hauling.

Next Week Goal:
Maintain mileage around 60, looking to run on time based and see where the mileage lands, run the Max HR test, increase yoga to two, stretching and strengthening consistency.

Ran a new loop today called the Wayside Inn Loop, this is the oldest operating inn in the USA. It’s an undulating course with a large hill at 10 and a series of hills at 13. I used the USATF route site to get the mileage. With all the tree coverage the Garmin gave me 13.88.

Training: AM – Wayside Inn Loop 14.75M, 2:01:13, 8:12 Pace, No HR, 60s, misty, feel a slight sensation on the right shin and lower back.


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