Thursday, June 01, 2006

NWR: Snapping Turtles

A little slow getting started as the lower back pain from lifting heavy rocks runs its course. I should expect it to last another day and then I will resume with pushups and situps. What a beutiful day to run, it's great. :-)

The other day I ran across a painted turtle on the path; I now see someone smashed it flat as a pancake. What a shame as there is only allowed vehicles in the NWR. The trail today had two snapping turtles busily making their nests to lay eggs. I guess they are not that smart for their chosen spots are where the vehicles travel. I imagine it’s the sand that peaks their interest to start digging.

Coming up on these large creatures, compared to the painted turtle, they reminded me of the time we were running down in the Everglades in Florida at Shark Valley on the Tram Road. The sides of the path were littered with alligators. They say for every one you see there are five you don’t! We probably made it about a quarter mile when common sense settled in; even though the park allows walking its not a safe idea. Just this year we heard of a runner attacked by an alligator we consider ourselves lucky.

Training: AM – NWR 7.5M, 59:41, 7:59 Pace, 139 HR, 60s, sunny, humid, feel a slight sensation on the right shin and lower back.


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