Friday, June 23, 2006

Training: 20K Emerson Keyhole Course

Looking ahead I should develop six courses based on distance to more easily follow yesterday’s program. I am thinking I will run the time for the next two weeks developing courses and then work the distance courses. Todays run is the first of the courses, a 20K, intersection to intersection is 12.66 so you need to adjust by ending at the first house on Belcher. Nicely shaded it runs past Emerson Hospital and the Concord Country Club.

2008 Olympic Trials event is coming to Boston. This should be an interesting addition to the already jam-packed Marathon weekend in Boston. Pretty much a flat course and the weather can be quite accommodating. The wind could play a factor in crossing the bridge over the Charles River.

RUNNING THE LYDIARD WAY copyright 1978; more good stuff:

Marathon Training Technique

Doing a lot of your running at speeds just within you maximum steady state. This places the utmost, aerobic safe pressure on your heart from the cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular systems, and offers

Training: AM – 20K Emerson Keyhole Course 12.66M, 1:39:07, 7:49 pace, 138HR, 70 degrees, sunny humid


  1. Will you be doing out and back courses? I find them a little boring, but it's a good way to figure out if you're running at the right speed (close to max steady state, that is). I remember Lydiard writing that if it takes you longer to get back than to go out, you're running too fast. If the opposite is happening, you're running too slow.

  2. You are absolutely about Lydiard writing that. My take was it was meant for new runners. But of course it would apply to seasoned runners also.

    My last out and back turned into a loop. We will see, as I develop some new courses. The out and back would be easier to create.