Friday, June 16, 2006

Training: Bowker Flats

I wired the driveway motion detector yesterday for the floodlamp. It seems in my old age I am more cautious as I took the extra effort to rig a harness in case I slipped. Feels like I pulled another muscle in my back as we moved the largest rock out there yet. It turns out the $80 utility cart that has a load capacity of 800 lbs. is quite flimsy. I started looking on Craigslist to get an idea of the cost for a Bobcat to move the boulders.

Today’s run is one of those run of the mills by putting in the effort and knuckling down to get it done. For the end I ran with our neighbor as we chatted about triathlons.

Fathers Day race is looking to hot, supposed to get to 90 and we certainly are not ready for it recalling last years disaster at the Great Lincoln Steeplechase. I guess that’s one nice thing about getting older is you remember lessons of the past and try not to repeat them.

FIFER'S DAY "BOOOZAH ICE CREAM" 4 MILE ROAD RACE is the place to be tomorrow morning at 0930 for a flat four miler. The post-entry fee is a mere $10. That’s a whopping $30 less for us to run this than the one last weekend.

RUNNING THE LYDIARD WAY copyright 1978; more good stuff:

The long steady running that I term marathon training is designed to create a state of fatigue, though not so great as to interfere with the next day’s program. You should be able to recover reasonably quickly.

Training: AM – Bowker Flats 10M, 1:20:44, 8:00 pace, 138HR, 65 degrees, sunny w\stroller


  1. That Lydiard quote should end with "provided you do not move any 800 pound boulders after running."

    Someone sent me a pdf'd lecture by Lydiard from 1970 while he was here in the states. Email me if you would like me to email you a copy, it's great stuff.

  2. Thanks for the pdf. It's a good thing I finally decide to hire out moving the BIG rocks.