Friday, June 30, 2006

Training: Bowker Perimeter

Today along with the future president of the United States we ran two comfortable loops of the Bowker perimeter loop. We could feel the warm “dry” air pushing out the “wet” humid air as the morning progressed.

Luckily, we were early enough to only catch part of the BFI’s morning trash pickup. The driver said “it’s not BFI’s truck or services fault, it’s the customers” talking about the liquid\trash spills when the truck accelerates away. Each home with BFI service is left with about a half-gallon of liquid smelly trash on the pavement in front of their house. The driver claims customers dump milk and other liquids in the trash and there is nothing they can do about it. I disagree, we have Waste Management as a service and their trucks don’t make a trash mess. Waste Management trucks do make an oil mess leaking from the truck’s engine.

On the run we started the French language audio short course to inline ourselves with the upcoming trip to Paris. Now, if I can only juggle at the same time. J

RUNNING THE LYDIARD WAY copyright 1978; more good stuff:

In regards to Ron Clarke, “he still needed tough anaerobic work to sharpen him up”

It’s not always the best athletes who win the big ones; it’s the best-prepared ones, those who are completely ready on the vital day

Training: AM – Bowker Perimeter Loop 8.5M, 1:20:44, 8:06pace, 136HR, 69 degrees, sunny w\stroller

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  1. Anonymous2:11 AM

    Do you think bird flu is going to be a problem ?

    I heard it would hit USA & Canada this fall.

    Is there anything to the bird flu panic ?