Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Training Run: NWR Dirt Out n Back (D.O.B.)

Excellent training day, woke up with the back and shin issues gone! Blazed a new trail in the National Wildlife Refuge. Mostly flat to rolling, unpaved road with dirt and gravel. One section is very flat along the Assabet River. Well shaded so I used the USATF site to check mileage and left the Garmin at home. Measured distance was 11.61 but I will call this 11.5 miles as the cutting through the woods to get there is estimated.

On with the Lydiard Training, this past weekend Russ and his family came over for our cookout. Despite the rain we had good time swapping racing stories. He just ran the Little Rhody 5k in Rhode Island a New England Grand Prix Race. This race you need a sub 16:00 to even get close to breaking the top 25. Russ brought over his copy of RUNNING THE LYDIARD WAY. The copyright is 1978; I can’t believe I am going to rely on this dated but proven method. The more I read it only makes sense.

Lydiard’s Basic Theory: that long, even-paced running at a strong speed increases strength and endurance, even when it is continued close to the point of collapse; it is beneficial, not harmful, to regular competition”.

Training: PM – NWR D.O.B. 11.5M, 1:28:43, 7:40 Pace, 149 HR, 65 degrees, no issues.

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  1. Dated material?? Hell, we're all dated material around here. That book has some real gems, and his stories in the back about coaching in different countries are hilarious (intentionally and unintentionally).