Monday, July 31, 2006

Bowker Flats, sans Stroller

Took a one mile warm-up and went off on running the flats at a hard pace. There are probably only a handful of runs that in the conditioning period where I have pushed the pace. Today was not all out but respectable given my condition. That is condition of many miles with little speed development.

The flats are a 2.5 mile loop with twelve turns. There is lots of shade and curvy roads to keep it from getting real boring. I ran four loops for a total of ten miles, here are the pace times for each loop: 1-6:36, 2-6:37, 3-6:36, 4-6:26. I spent the last half–mile on a cool down. In all pleased with the effort considering I just ran 22.5 miles yesterday.

Training: AM – Bowker Flats 11.5M, (1:05:40), 6:34 pace, 78 degrees, sunny

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Week Five Review: Conditioning (extended)

Total Miles: 100
Number of Workouts: 10, 13 hours
Stretching: Ok
Yoga: Two
P\U, S\U: 120\200
Notes: end of extended conditioning training
Issues to Note:
1. Feeling mentally and physically tired after this demanding week of miles and weather.
Next Week Goal:

Training Run: Loops & Willow Guzzle

The weather was much more accommodating this morning from last weeks sweat fest. In running the loops I discovered it was mentally challenging to continue. After 12 miles I was ready to quit, removed the mp3 player and walked fifty yards.. I took in about 12 ounces of Gatorade Endurance drink and put the rest in my bottle. Next thing you know it off I went thinking I would only do a one mile loop and my wife would appear so I could drag myself in. Well, the Gatorade did the trick; the first mile out was fast, comparatively speaking, and I continued onto the Willow Guzzle completing it without the mental anguish.

22.5 Miles 3:01:58, 8:05 pace Willow Guzzle, 78,sunny, hot

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Training: ECMS, Bag the 116m, it’s not right

I think I forgot to mention that there are at least seven other lawns in the neighborhood that were victim to last week’s lawn shooting.

An eight mile a.m. run early enough to not feel the heat. Felt good, after yesterday’s light 5.5 miles. Its looking like 116 miles for the week is going to be too much volume. Thinking back when I ran my PR at Boston it was faster running. My sense is the time I spend running more mileage a week would be better used developing speed and strength. With the Ultras that I have run, it leaves no doubt that I can cover the marathon distance. The real task is how fast can I cover the marathon? Time to re-evaluate the schedule

Training: AM – ECMS 8M, 52:19, 7:38 pace, 77 degrees, sunny

Friday, July 28, 2006

Bowker Flats, Taking it Indoors

I went out on a run this a.m. with the future Champ. With the dreadful, I really mean dreadful heat and our late start one loop was enough. I was drenched with sweat, the sun was beating down, and the filthy garbage left on the boiling pavement by the BFI truck was starting to reek badly. We considered a different route and then realized our basement gym was cool, w\out sun and has a treadmill.

That’s right I finally resorted to pulling in from the weather and getting the mileage in without suffering. The weather is not good for me or the little guy. We ended up with 2.5m on the road and then 3m on the mill. Maybe if time allows we will run another one later.

Training: AM – Bowker Flats 5.5M, 44:00, 8:00 pace, Temperature= toooo hottt!\humid w\stroller

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Training: WD & TH 10m + 6m + 16m

Ran 10 quick on Wednesday morning with a recovery\stroller six miler in the evening.

Today was another brutally hot & humid 16 miler. I took in over 60 ounces of fluid. The sweat was enough to soak my socks and slow my pace. At twelve miles I took in some Jelly Belly’s and the sugar gave me a good enough boost to finish the last four miles strong. Two middle miles came in at 7:17 and 7:06.

Training: Mid-day – 16M, 1:59:59, 7:29 pace,85 sunny\muggy

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Training: ECMS2X

Here is another new route, Ephraim Curtis Middle School (ECMS) to add to my arsenal of delusion in hopes of running faster as a master. This one is four miles out and four miles back with the Town pool halfway including the Haskell Fields. This route is mostly shaded on the sidewalks, although today I did venture out onto the road for shade, but to the demise of some car honking driver.

The run was in the heat of the day and a toll it took on my system for the second time out. I had to stop at the pool to refresh my water bottle as I was completely out of 40 ounces and could feel the heat rising from my skin. I probably sacrificed 11 sec\mile replenishing water. Oh well, it’s not a race just survival and minimize the impact; tomorrow should be a quick ten miler in the a.m. I did feel a little something in my right calf on starting. This is good, tells me last nights workout did something.

Still need to get a good handle on hill-training and fitting it in the schedule. With this week’s goal of 116 miles any serious hill-training may be detrimental. So, maybe I toy with it and start getting the flavor as there is still fourteen weeks before the marathon.

Training: Mid-day – 16M, 2:06:57, 7:56 pace,85 sunny

Monday, July 24, 2006

Training: Leg Speed

Leg speed is a fun workout compared to all the conditioning running of the last four plus weeks. I found the trails annoyingly filled with pesky horseflies which pushed me harder than I wanted to on this first outing. My only break was exiting each downhill onto the grassy field to loop back around to the other side.

The soft trail felt very comfortable and roller coaster ride like. Trail running can be quite thrilling at a high speed, even if short duration. Everything seems to come up so fast and you rely on your instincts to avoid twisting an ankle or making a face plant.

Training: PM – LSRHS 10M, 1:21:48, 8:00 pace, 72 degrees, sunny

Non-running Post--Tagged

Andrew tagged me...Blog Law is to comply, here goes...

4 Jobs I have had

* Pump Jockey (aka gast station attendant)
* Engineer
* Submarine Hunter
* Consultant

4 Movies I watch over and over

* Boston Marathon (taped)
* Chariots of Fire
* Bourne Identity
* Italian Job

4 Places I have lived

* Concord, MA
* San Diego, CA
* Waukesha, WI
* Newport, RI

4 Television Shows I watch

* Nightly News
* Dragon Tales
* Lost ( i like 2 think i do)
* New-release DVD's

4 Places I have been on vacation

* Bermuda
* Sedona, Arizona
* St. Lucia
* Naples, Florida

4 Websites I visit everyday

* Craigslist
* Bloglines

4 Favorite Foods

* Pizza
* Pasta
* Pulled Pork
* Bagels

4 Favorite Bands/Music

* 80's Rock
* Latest radio beat
* Country - George Strait, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash
* Classical - especially Mozart

Who to tag? Let's see... Mike, Eric, Zeke, & Thomas. Sorry fellas ;-)

There. Now for a run.

Training: Bowker Flats. mixed it up

This is the first real week of running doubles. The future Boston Marathon winner tried to climb out of his strolled this morning so I am going to switch the runs around today. This evening will be some striding\fartlek style running. Still trying to figure this out for now, M,W,F is for quick leg turnover stuff and Tu, Th, Sa are for hills with Sunday as a long run.

Training: AM – Bowker Flats 6M, 48:00, 8:00 pace, 72 degrees, sunny w\stroller

Training: Bowker Flats. mixed it up

This is the first real week of running doubles. The future Boston Marathon winner tried to climb out of his strolled this morning so I am going to switch the runs around today. This evening will be some striding\fartlek style running. Still trying to figure this out for now, M,W,F is for quick leg turnover stuff and Tu, Th, Sa are for hills with Sunday as a long run.

Training: AM – Bowker Flats 6M, 48:00, 8:00 pace, 72 degrees, sunny w\stroller

Week Four Review: Conditioning

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Total Miles: 86
Number of Workouts: 7, 11.75 hours
Stretching: Ok
Yoga: One
P\U, S\U: 120\200

Notes: end of conditioning training
Issues to Note: None
Next Week Goal: 116M
Training Run: Willow Guzzle & Water Rowe
a.m. I ran two ten milers. It rained the very first mile. Allot. I got wet. I got very wet. It got warm. The sun came out. It got very warm. I ran slow. I ran very slow. It was very muggy.
20 Miles 2:51:54, 8:35 pace Willow Guzzle -1:21:45, WaterRowe-1:30:09, sunny, hot

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dutton OutnBack. 4th Lawn Shot

Easy pace where I didn’t feel much like running, we probably stayed up too late watching a movie. So, between the hours of 12:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. someone did a lawn shot on our yard.

This is the fourth event; the other areas are finally repaired. This was another bold move by the driver, possibly trying to race another around our corner as they cut across our grass. The yard lights and garage light are on during darkness which helps to light the yard; they are supposed to be a deterrent. I see a gap where they exited that needs more rocks put down. I will do that today.

This week’s dilemma’s: lawn shot, microwave repair techs unable to fix unit and will return, repair techs broke our glass cook top when removing microwave, printer I bought kept jamming returned it, reconditioned toner arrived with damage on the roller bar returned it, ignition key failed when service tried to move my car to rotate the tires took an hour to repair luckily no charge, rain prevents me from staining the deck, horseflies chase me when I run, temperature way too hot to run…there may be more but who has time to complain. Things could be worse in many others situations; for us, we are all healthy and all is well.

Training: AM – Dutton\Spring St OutnBack 6.35M, 52:19, 8:14 pace, 134HR, 72 degrees, misty

Friday, July 21, 2006

Bowker Flats, Passed by a baby!

I went out on a run this a.m. with the future Cape Cod Marathon winner. As we passed another runner he exclaimed, “Good morning, this is the first time I have been passed by a baby!” What do you say in return?

Easy pace, stops for retrieving the tossed milk bottle, adding goldfish to snack on and viewing a doe and her fawn (white tail).

RUNNING THE LYDIARD WAY copyright 1978; more good stuff:

A good tip is to fasten your eyes straight ahead to a point about 60 meters away.

Training: AM – Bowker Flats 10M, 1:17:11, 7:43 pace, 141HR, 70 degrees, overcast\humid w\stroller

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Training Run: 5-6-5

Here is another triple looper from home. It’s a great way for fluid management and strengthens the mental edge. What a relief in weather. :-)

1-1m neighborhood then Mossman Loop

2-Morse Road

3-Haynes Loop

Training: AM – 5-6-5 16M, 7:14 pace, 1:55:48, 138HR, 74 overcast

Training Run: Water Row Wednesday's Run

The weather finally broke, pavement still wet and humid. Out the door without a hat so the horseflies chased me during several parts of this run. I was able to get 6:55, 6:57 and 6:54 mile split times from the July fourth race course this run takes you over.

Training: AM – Water Row 10M, 6:59 pace, 1:09:53, 148HR, 75 sunny

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Training: McDonalds OutnBack-It’s Really HOT

OMG!!! Turn the heat down!!! This was my third toughest run of the year. First was a 20-miler in the freezing cold winter and second was the ROC Marathon.

About two miles into the run I realized running shirtless wouldn’t cut it for my planned water stop at McDonalds. Usually, a local fire station is a good haven for water and a clean restroom, like the one at mile 16 on the Boston Marathon course, well not in Acton. I was screwed, they had nothing, not a soul around—too hot—they were all retreated to the cool upper loft. Awaiting a fire alarm so they can slide down the pole and hop in their big red trucks with loud sirens to careen down the streets pushing runners and the like out of their way.

Enough of that, the Manager at McDonalds told me “never again”. Oh well, 40 ounces of fluids still wasn’t enough for this run. I ran past two sprinklers earlier and when I came upon the third it felt good, doused the cap and got soaked enough without getting the shoes wet. At any rate I only had two miles left. They were tough; I think the last five miles were quite arduous. Now, it’s an hour later and my cheeks feel flushed.

What tasted best after this run were the chilled Clementine slices,hmmm, hmmm good. The pace includes stops for water and stretching.

Training: AM – McDonald’s OutnBack 16.1M 2:15:09 8:23 pace, 142HR, feels like 97 degrees, Sunny

Monday, July 17, 2006

Training: Bowker Flats

The future Tour de France champ wanted to get an early start on today’s run seeing how it’s going to be another “New England Steamer”, or “scoawrcha” as the local dialect will have it. We ran well, considering yesterday’s 20-miler; heart rate averaged 145. This higher rate maybe recovery and also tenseness from pesky horseflies that increases the pace. The time includes two stops at the house to reposition the lawn sprinkler for better coverage as we are still healing from the “lawn shots”.

Yesterday, afternoon was cool as we headed over to the Boston Marathon course to see Marathon Sports and pick out some new racing shoes. Mike mentioned the Asics DS Trainers, also my wife runs in those, so we checked them out for me. What a surprise when I was doing a test run in front of the store, still stiff from the a.m. run. The shoes felt too narrow even with a half size larger.

Next was the Saucony Grid Fastwitch 2 Endurance weighing in at 7.6 ounces. I wonder what size the weight is for? They felt really good with room in the toe box, especially for my left foot. Now, all I need is a race to run. That’s the thing about training one is usually itching to get out their and test themselves. For now, it’s patience…and train…a race will develop in due time.

RUNNING THE LYDIARD WAY copyright 1978; more good stuff:

It is most economical and natural to come down with a nearly flat foot, with the heel hitting first and a slight roll in from the outside edge of the foot.

Training: AM – Bowker Flats 7.5M, 58:31, 7:48 pace, 145HR, 83 degrees, sunny w\stroller

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Week Three Review: Conditioning, DimeandFivers

Total Miles: 96.25
Number of Workouts: 7, 11.5 hours

Stretching: Ok
Yoga: One
P\U, S\U: 120\200

Notes: All time high mileage week with the exception of my 24-hour race.
Issues to Note:
1. None
Next Week Goal:

Training Run: DimeandFivers

I ran a ten miler and then two five-milers from the house this a.m. Very hot, sunny and humid. No HR monitor. See my log for times.

20 Miles 2:31:54, 7:35 pace WaterRowe-1:13:09, ColorWorks-40:23, Haynes-38:25, a.m., sunny, hot

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Training Run: Willow Guzzle

I wrote earlier: 10 mile training run distance serves as a litmus test to ones ability in phase development and peak racing performance. Today’s run is on my Willow Guzzle route that I ran comfortably this a.m. on a warmer day and a higher mileage base than a month ago. The time is slower by about a minute, not a concern. No HR as the chest strap started chafing on my back so I will give it a rest.

RUNNING THE LYDIARD WAY copyright 1978; more good stuff:

Tensed muscles also waste energy. So, I wonder if I tense up when the pesky deer fly lands on my chest and starts biting?

Training: AM – Willow Guzzle 9.75M, 7:37 pace, 1:14:18, ?HR, 75 sunny

Friday, July 14, 2006

Training: Pratts Mill Loop

A new loop suggested by my wife. Not a bad choice, although I did get whipped across the eyes by a stray vine hanging across the path as I went through the historic town center.

RUNNING THE LYDIARD WAY copyright 1978; more good stuff:

During conditioning running, always try to relax, particularly the upper body. Keep the head up and the hips comfortably forward; this allows you to stride longer and more economically. Never waste energy.

Training: AM – Pratts Mill Loop 11.25M, 1:30:33, 8:02 pace, 135HR, 74 degrees, sunny humid

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Training: McDonalds OutnBack

I created this run last week on a whim in pursuit of the out n back options. When I got to my expected turnaround point I realized I was about two miles short. Remembering the McDonald’s was down the street, off I headed. It’s a real quick stop to refill the water bottle there and the staff gives you no grief.

The last two miles of this run were a struggle, long day.

Training: PM – McDonald’s OutnBack 16.1M 2:07:52 7:56 pace, 139HR, 70 degrees, misty

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Training: 20K Emerson Keyhole Course-mod.

I added on to this course to increase it to 12.75 miles as an honest mistake. Return was on Willis to Witherell. It shows the need to better know the new routes for comparison. This time I ran a harder effort showing an increase of 5bpm on the HR and pace was 30 seconds faster.

Training: AM – 20K Emerson Keyhole Course mod. 12.75M, 1:33:38, 7:20 pace, 143HR, 73 degrees, sunny humid

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

2400M Lactate Threshold Testing

Lactate Threshold Testing

2400m Actuals



14011:347:45such a slow pace hard to not go fast
15010:407:09still slow, remember to keep track of laps
16010:026:43a little quicker

1709:276:20avg. 169. I can hear my breathing, fearing the 180 HR
1809:036:04avg. 176. This is allot of work I can feel the legs, heavy breath, lower energy, had enough




15010:126:50okay pace

1609:276:20avg. 159 moving along

1709:026:03avg. 168 this can be work

1809:016:02avg. 171 slow start, had enough strong finish

I dropped off trying to achieve the 180HR. After six weeks of training my HR improved versus running at all intensities. A pace that used to require 170 HR now required less than 160 HR.
Also ran for 7.5m post testing to attain a total of 16.5 miles for the day.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Catching up: Several Days

Sorry about the delay in posting. It seems work; summer and vacation have their priorities. Nonetheless, the blog shows accountability which why I stick with it.

Today’s run is really getting to be a staple in the program. Very flat, shaded, little or no traffic and you just churn out the mileage.

RUNNING THE LYDIARD WAY copyright 1978; more good stuff:

Shin soreness usually stems from overstriding or running downhill too fast. Both actions cause the front of the foot to clap down hard, jarring the shin muscles and causing irritation to the nerves and membranes between the bone and the muscles. In some cases, the muscle sheaths split.

Most of the world’s greatest athletes have had setbacks and recovered from them.

Training: AM – Bowker Flats 10M, 1:18:44, 7:57 pace, 136HR, 72 degrees, sunny w\stroller

Sunday, July 09, 2006
Week Two Review: Conditioning

Total Miles: 68
Number of Workouts: 8, 9 hours
Stretching: Inconsistent
Yoga: None
P\U, S\U: ?\?

Notes: An average week that includes a race. It’s the local townie race with about 300 registrants, I finished fourth overall and first in my age group. My time dipped to the same as two years ago. This year it’s been less speed training and more conditioning going into the race. The week’s runs are coming along, one hour min. is a typical low day and two hours will get me tired.
Issues to Note:
1. Yoga slipped to zero and slacking on the stretching.
Next Week Goal:
Push the mileage past 80, run for another week of 10-11 hours, and work in the 2400m test. The last six weeks seem to have gone by fast since the last test.

Sunday, July 02, 2006
Week One Review: Conditioning

Total Miles: 72.75
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: fairly consistent
Yoga: Two, one
P\U, S\U: ?/?

Notes: none
Issues to Note:
Next Week Goal:

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Training: Haynes Loop

Out the door with the future Wimbledon Tennis Champion, Mom pushing stroller ran the Mossman loop and I ran Haynes to see if I could catch her, not a chance for me, yet.

RUNNING THE LYDIARD WAY copyright 1978; more good stuff:

On the road the muscles tire less…

Training: AM – Haynes Loop 5M, 36:50, 7:22 pace, 149HR, 65 degrees, sunny