Tuesday, July 11, 2006

2400M Lactate Threshold Testing

Lactate Threshold Testing

2400m Actuals



14011:347:45such a slow pace hard to not go fast
15010:407:09still slow, remember to keep track of laps
16010:026:43a little quicker

1709:276:20avg. 169. I can hear my breathing, fearing the 180 HR
1809:036:04avg. 176. This is allot of work I can feel the legs, heavy breath, lower energy, had enough




15010:126:50okay pace

1609:276:20avg. 159 moving along

1709:026:03avg. 168 this can be work

1809:016:02avg. 171 slow start, had enough strong finish

I dropped off trying to achieve the 180HR. After six weeks of training my HR improved versus running at all intensities. A pace that used to require 170 HR now required less than 160 HR.
Also ran for 7.5m post testing to attain a total of 16.5 miles for the day.


  1. Nice progression there. Looking at your last marathon and then comparing this test, it looks like your "marathon pace" has probably improved already. This is a great sign, especially so early in the program. Nice work.

  2. MP has probably improved already. Thanks to you and Lydiard!