Monday, July 31, 2006

Bowker Flats, sans Stroller

Took a one mile warm-up and went off on running the flats at a hard pace. There are probably only a handful of runs that in the conditioning period where I have pushed the pace. Today was not all out but respectable given my condition. That is condition of many miles with little speed development.

The flats are a 2.5 mile loop with twelve turns. There is lots of shade and curvy roads to keep it from getting real boring. I ran four loops for a total of ten miles, here are the pace times for each loop: 1-6:36, 2-6:37, 3-6:36, 4-6:26. I spent the last half–mile on a cool down. In all pleased with the effort considering I just ran 22.5 miles yesterday.

Training: AM – Bowker Flats 11.5M, (1:05:40), 6:34 pace, 78 degrees, sunny

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