Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dutton OutnBack. 4th Lawn Shot

Easy pace where I didn’t feel much like running, we probably stayed up too late watching a movie. So, between the hours of 12:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. someone did a lawn shot on our yard.

This is the fourth event; the other areas are finally repaired. This was another bold move by the driver, possibly trying to race another around our corner as they cut across our grass. The yard lights and garage light are on during darkness which helps to light the yard; they are supposed to be a deterrent. I see a gap where they exited that needs more rocks put down. I will do that today.

This week’s dilemma’s: lawn shot, microwave repair techs unable to fix unit and will return, repair techs broke our glass cook top when removing microwave, printer I bought kept jamming returned it, reconditioned toner arrived with damage on the roller bar returned it, ignition key failed when service tried to move my car to rotate the tires took an hour to repair luckily no charge, rain prevents me from staining the deck, horseflies chase me when I run, temperature way too hot to run…there may be more but who has time to complain. Things could be worse in many others situations; for us, we are all healthy and all is well.

Training: AM – Dutton\Spring St OutnBack 6.35M, 52:19, 8:14 pace, 134HR, 72 degrees, misty


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