Saturday, July 29, 2006

Training: ECMS, Bag the 116m, it’s not right

I think I forgot to mention that there are at least seven other lawns in the neighborhood that were victim to last week’s lawn shooting.

An eight mile a.m. run early enough to not feel the heat. Felt good, after yesterday’s light 5.5 miles. Its looking like 116 miles for the week is going to be too much volume. Thinking back when I ran my PR at Boston it was faster running. My sense is the time I spend running more mileage a week would be better used developing speed and strength. With the Ultras that I have run, it leaves no doubt that I can cover the marathon distance. The real task is how fast can I cover the marathon? Time to re-evaluate the schedule

Training: AM – ECMS 8M, 52:19, 7:38 pace, 77 degrees, sunny

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