Saturday, July 01, 2006

Training: Haynes Loop

Out the door with the future Wimbledon Tennis Champion, Mom pushing stroller ran the Mossman loop and I ran Haynes to see if I could catch her, not a chance for me, yet.

RUNNING THE LYDIARD WAY copyright 1978; more good stuff:

On the road the muscles tire less…

Training: AM – Haynes Loop 5M, 36:50, 7:22 pace, 149HR, 65 degrees, sunny


  1. I'll be in your neighborhood 7/27 & 7/29 if you feel like an early morning run.


    I'll be motorcycling and two days of my vacation will find me overnight in Natick.

  2. back to the blog...looks like our schedule has us down for Paris and Maine during that time...I wouldn't suppose you are anywhere near Kennebunkport?