Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Training: McDonalds OutnBack-It’s Really HOT

OMG!!! Turn the heat down!!! This was my third toughest run of the year. First was a 20-miler in the freezing cold winter and second was the ROC Marathon.

About two miles into the run I realized running shirtless wouldn’t cut it for my planned water stop at McDonalds. Usually, a local fire station is a good haven for water and a clean restroom, like the one at mile 16 on the Boston Marathon course, well not in Acton. I was screwed, they had nothing, not a soul around—too hot—they were all retreated to the cool upper loft. Awaiting a fire alarm so they can slide down the pole and hop in their big red trucks with loud sirens to careen down the streets pushing runners and the like out of their way.

Enough of that, the Manager at McDonalds told me “never again”. Oh well, 40 ounces of fluids still wasn’t enough for this run. I ran past two sprinklers earlier and when I came upon the third it felt good, doused the cap and got soaked enough without getting the shoes wet. At any rate I only had two miles left. They were tough; I think the last five miles were quite arduous. Now, it’s an hour later and my cheeks feel flushed.

What tasted best after this run were the chilled Clementine slices,hmmm, hmmm good. The pace includes stops for water and stretching.

Training: AM – McDonald’s OutnBack 16.1M 2:15:09 8:23 pace, 142HR, feels like 97 degrees, Sunny


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