Sunday, July 16, 2006

Week Three Review: Conditioning, DimeandFivers

Total Miles: 96.25
Number of Workouts: 7, 11.5 hours

Stretching: Ok
Yoga: One
P\U, S\U: 120\200

Notes: All time high mileage week with the exception of my 24-hour race.
Issues to Note:
1. None
Next Week Goal:

Training Run: DimeandFivers

I ran a ten miler and then two five-milers from the house this a.m. Very hot, sunny and humid. No HR monitor. See my log for times.

20 Miles 2:31:54, 7:35 pace WaterRowe-1:13:09, ColorWorks-40:23, Haynes-38:25, a.m., sunny, hot


  1. Nice to see all those miles. Three runs this morning? I keep the water bottle outside of the house, as if I go inside I never make it back out again.

  2. Right, all bottles outside, it makes fluid management easier in the heat. Other options are to stop at McD's\DD's\Stbcks\Cumby's, etc. Or, place bottles, actually never done that one as it takes more time. Or carry, that's just too much if you want to keep a pace and not get chafed by a carrier or camelback.
    Coming home after the first five-miler I had enough, but surprisingly taking off with the Gatorade Endurance things picked up until three miles into it, mile 17, and it slowed, but another mile later and I was cruising right along.
    Looking forward to next weeks already!

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