Monday, August 28, 2006


Sunday was an easy 14 miler for us with the stroller. We made it before the rain came down. Although later at Southwick’s Zoo we did get caught. But only after we finished the elephant and pony ride. For some reason we missed the camel ride.

This morning’s run should have been ten in the damp air with the stroller but I pulled the plug at five due to lack of enthusiasm. My thoughts were to head to the deck and shake the water off canopy of the newly assembled sandbox for our little boy. Now all we need is some sunshine to dry things up.

The rocks are coming along as we moved one more out of the sunken patio this weekend. Next major project beyond that is to replace the hot tub. It seems to have freeze damage to the shell and plumbing. It’s a Sundance and I am not impressed with the product. I am reading up on this site to learn more. They seem to have a real good product.

Am, 5m 40:00, 65, w\stroller

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Heel Report

We ran easy five miles with the stroller through the neighborhood with cooler temperatures to drop off Russ’s Lydiard book. The cooler weather is nice, still trying to break my rut I am stuck in.

Heel report\recap: Often I have read of runners coming across an injury that would sound really bad and then miraculously in a week they are winning some race or doing super training. I always questioned, was it really an injury?
Well, in my case the inner right heel became inflamed and showed indications of plantaar fascitiis after a week of intensive training and demanding long run. I take it was a culmination of the events that led to this debacle rather than say the hard long run. But, what gets me is the speed wasn’t all that fast. Just fast enough that I am not currently conditioned and I took it on too soon. Hey, the hot humid weather broke and the marathon bug is settling and worries arise to running fast enough on race day. Patience is virtue.
Physically the heel appears to be fully recovered. Now it’s time to work on my psyche and get my head back in the game. Usually a race or similar competitive activity does the trick. We will see…

Friday, August 25, 2006

Running slowly at 8:00\mile

Wednesday: Water Row ran easy, sunny and warm
Thursday: Modified Pratts Mill, easy didn't feel like passing the runner in front of me for a mile. Feeling sluggish and in a "funk".

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back to Running!

Let's see an easy 5 miler on Sunday and Monday, and then 10m easy today. Last week was a whopping 25 mile total. This week should be 50-60m depending how many my wife will let me.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Active recovery is helping

I am using this golf ball sized product that is made out of rubber and has small rubber columns protruding from it's surface to help break up the heel tissue. At times it's quite painful depending on how much rolling pressure is exerted. Otherwise, it's like scratching a mosquito bite as it feel's good. The routine seems to be working as tomorrow I am contemplating a short run.

I think I could probably run now, but it would be adding insult to injury. Just not a smart move yet. I should be out there on the inline skates or bike getting in some cross-training. The plans for this afternoon involve something a little more adventurous.

There are about twenty large rocks in my backyard that will cost me around $1000 for someone to move. They are too large for me and the equipment I bought to try it has gotten damaged. Well, a new idea is to "break" the rocks into smaller sizes. That's right, rock busting. The method is to heat the rock with an acetylene torch, douse it with ice water and then bust it with a sledge hammer. This could be a fun way to take out the pent up aggression from not being able to log any running miles. I really can't stand injuries.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Walked Two Blocks-Passive Recovery is too slow

Total of two blocks walking was enough. I think it's time to do some active recovery for my sore right heel. Starting tomorrow as today is a very low energy day. It's down n out for the full day.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

5K Time Trial--Even uglier than the first

What can I say, but I know better than to eat a toasted bagel with peanut butter and jelly, apple, orange and a dozen fresh cherries before a run. Especially, a 5000 meter time trial.
My stomach made it about 12 minutes before stitching and slowing my running heart rate from high 150s to 140s then 130s and finally in the last half mile I realized I would pull the cork on this time trial at 2.5m for a time of 16 minutes. Shameful and despicable run. I walked for one minute and reversed course to get saved by my wife who was running in my path with the jogging stroller.
I commiserated with her and she gave me the business. Gotta love it, just losing my edge and ambition in this training.
The real kicker is this afternoon I started to feel a slight right inner heel pain. Indications of plantaar fascitiis. O h n o I thought...the right foot is flat and prone to issues when harder running is brought in. I must back off and survive.

signing off--one down and out wannabe sub-2:30 marathoner

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Aerobic Run-Battle Road Trail Complete

Rain this morning on the trail made for a peaceful jaunt pass the vibrant foliage, majestic oaks and roaming wild turkeys. The legs didn’t have the give for making the HR move higher so it was an easy run.

Training: am, 10m,1:19:40, 124 HR, 8:00 pace, 74, rain

Monday, August 14, 2006

Easy Run Bowker Flats\Week Seven Review\Long Run: Water Row & Willow Guzzle

Pulled way back on the pace and distance today considering the last couple of workouts. One thing I learned over the years is to take some rest after stressing the muscles. We got in an easy five miles at pedestrian pace. What’s nice is I can feel some of the work in my quads so tomorrow may be toned back a little also.

Training: Bowker Flats AM , 5M, (42:15), 126HR 8:00 pace, 78 degrees, sunny

Sunday, August 13, 2006
Week Seven Review

Total Miles: 82.5
Number of Workouts: 8, 9.5 hours
Stretching: Ok
Yoga: None
P\U, S\U: 70\100

Notes: beginning of faster running phase
Issues to Note:
1. Heat wave has broken and training is more comfortable. First real week of quicker leg turnover. Need to do more stretching, yoga, push-ups and sit-ups.
Next Week Goal:

Long Run: Water Row & Willow Guzzle

I was uncertain what to expect on this run after logging a 10K time trial the day before. Surprisingly the legs felt good and the first 15 miles sailed on by with the heart rate averaging around 145-150. At ten miles I stopped at the house, changed water bottles, took in a vanilla power-gel and switched from NPR to music on the MP3 player.

Around 15 the legs started feeling heavy, my pace slowed and heart rate dropped to the mid-130’s. Within the next two miles the heart rate slowed to 130 and then I was lucky to keep it in the mid-120’s and 130. The last mile seemed like a forced-march. Very happy to have it over and hand the baton to my wife so she could run.

Why did this “wall” happen? The first ten miles average pace came in at 6:51. Experimenting with the gel might have better at the 15 mile mark vice 10. Basically, I went too fast early and didn’t have the patience to let the pace build. But, this is training and one really needs to try these things out to not make the mistake on race day. Hopefully, recovery will go well as we are at risk of picking up our little boy’s virus that’s been at him for the last two days.

20 Miles 2:20:31, 7:01 pace, 141HR Water Row\Willow Guzzle, 73, sunny

Saturday, August 12, 2006

1st 10,000 Meter Time Trial – Accept it

It’s very nice to have the cooler weather for running as it’s more comfortable to hold a faster pace. That’s what this phase in the training is getting into. This morning’s 10K time trial was held on the ECMS 8M outNback, allows for a w\u and c\d.

On the run I got concerned that my pace was too slow as splits were coming in around a 6:30\mile pace. Well, it’s early enough in the program to not get worked up about it and four weeks later a good progression should follow on improvement. That’s my key to marathon training. Keep the focus on the end result and not over-analyzing the day to day training.

HR rate averaged somewhere around 145-150, did not get the elapsed as the monitor wasn’t displaying a reading at about half mile into the run and had to be reset.

AM – ECMS 8M, 54:41, 6:50 pace (10K 6:37), 65 degrees, sunny

Friday, August 11, 2006

Easy Fartlek and 20x200m

Thursday I ran the easy Fartlek in on the eight mile course at an average pace of 7:30 for the run.

Today was the 20x200m on the Bowker Loop pushing the stroller.

Mike sent me his link to A.L.’s Athletic Training as I figure he really wanted me to read it based on my last post. I now have printed double-sided at my becking call for reference and guidance. This has lead me to pull out my training log from five years ago when I was a mere 35 and seemed to run a lot faster with less effort. Maybe, I will put together some stats on my Marathon PR from then to compare how things are going this time around. Sub 2:30 sounds so elusive…or is it just in the mind. One thing with this new phase is I can start to feel some work in my legs. Did I go too easy for too long?

TH AM – ECMS 8M, 60:48, (30:37, 30:11) 7:33 pace, 70 degrees, sunny

FR AM – Bowker Flats 20x200m 1:15:11 7:30 140HR sunny\stroller

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

1st 5000 Meter Time Trial - it's ugly --Slowest Ever

An eight mile a.m. run early enough and easy enough to conserve energy for this evenings time trial. Lydiard has a 5000 meter time trial scheduled for this phase of training.

I ran the local CMS summer series 5K for $4.00 and finished second overall and second master. I did not run my fastest and recorded what my wife says is my slowest 5K. Slow is right on the last 1.1 mile I averaged 6:06\mile while working through a side stitch created from the downhill striding. The new racing flats were really cool to run in, they felt good. I figure if I can hold this pace for eight more times I should be in good shape for a fall marathon. Trouble is, I don't think I have the speed to turn it up and just start cranking the pace.

Any other time in my training I would have won this race. The runner in front of me was in sight the whole time and finished only 150 meters ahead. What's up with this Lydiard training? Is it working?

AM – ECMS 8M, 60:16, 7:32 pace, 70 degrees, sunny PM CMS 5K 18:13 (5:51) 166HR

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

MLR (1.5Hrs Long Aerobic Run) Bowker Flats

I am treating this as a Medium Long Run (MLR 10-14 miles). This is done at a fairly steady pace approximately 30 seconds slower than marathon pace. This is currently using 6:00\mile as marathon pace ran on the flats until the HR and leg turnover develop efficiency.

Today’s run was interrupted twice by the General Electric microwave repair technician to discuss work done. A total loss of approximately five minutes so I figure its worth adding a beat to the HR. Laps (2.5m: 1-16:06 (6:26), 2-16:46 (6:42), 3-16:21 (6:32), 4-16:30 (6:36), 5-16:56 (6:46) Total 1:22:42 (16:32 – 6:37 avg.)

MLR: AM – Bowker Flats 13.5M, (1:29:59), 6:39 pace, HR approx. 150 79 degrees, sunny

Monday, August 07, 2006

Repetitions 20x200m-Bowker Flats

I ran these 20 x 200 meters while pushing the future Speaker of the House in the stroller. This was an unusual way to get them in and took a little bit of coordination and switching off of the pushing arm. Basically, went for approximately 40 seconds at a hard effort and then jogged until the next without any structured rest time between. The workout somewhat borders on the line of fartlek, except all the repetitions were basically for the same time period.

Repetitions 20x200m: AM – Bowker Flats 10M, (1:6:00), 7:36 pace, 78 degrees, sunny,humid

Week Six Review: Conditioning (complete)

Total Miles: 72.5
Number of Workouts: 7, 9 hours

Stretching: Ok
Yoga: None
P\U, S\U: 10\10

Notes: I am considering this a cutback week from last week’s 100 miles. We took a beach vacation to Maine and enjoyed the seacoast breezes. Majority of our runs were along the seashore in the morning. We had one morning of rain which allowed me to run sans-stroller at a good tempo for one hour.
Issues to Note:
1. None to report.
Next Week Goal:
70-90M, Next four weeks of Lydiard Training.