Wednesday, August 09, 2006

1st 5000 Meter Time Trial - it's ugly --Slowest Ever

An eight mile a.m. run early enough and easy enough to conserve energy for this evenings time trial. Lydiard has a 5000 meter time trial scheduled for this phase of training.

I ran the local CMS summer series 5K for $4.00 and finished second overall and second master. I did not run my fastest and recorded what my wife says is my slowest 5K. Slow is right on the last 1.1 mile I averaged 6:06\mile while working through a side stitch created from the downhill striding. The new racing flats were really cool to run in, they felt good. I figure if I can hold this pace for eight more times I should be in good shape for a fall marathon. Trouble is, I don't think I have the speed to turn it up and just start cranking the pace.

Any other time in my training I would have won this race. The runner in front of me was in sight the whole time and finished only 150 meters ahead. What's up with this Lydiard training? Is it working?

AM – ECMS 8M, 60:16, 7:32 pace, 70 degrees, sunny PM CMS 5K 18:13 (5:51) 166HR


  1. I think yesterday's strong aerobic run for 90 minutes, followed by this morning's session had an effect on this trial. Also, it's hard to get into the groove of a time trial when your focus is set on a guy trying to run away from you.

    Look on the bright side; You'll be doing plenty of these, it would really stink if your first one ended up being your fastest, right?

  2. right on, but it's still the mental aspect that's usually the hardest to get over.

    Like my first marathon as a master it's a benchmark and not my fastest.