Wednesday, August 16, 2006

5K Time Trial--Even uglier than the first

What can I say, but I know better than to eat a toasted bagel with peanut butter and jelly, apple, orange and a dozen fresh cherries before a run. Especially, a 5000 meter time trial.
My stomach made it about 12 minutes before stitching and slowing my running heart rate from high 150s to 140s then 130s and finally in the last half mile I realized I would pull the cork on this time trial at 2.5m for a time of 16 minutes. Shameful and despicable run. I walked for one minute and reversed course to get saved by my wife who was running in my path with the jogging stroller.
I commiserated with her and she gave me the business. Gotta love it, just losing my edge and ambition in this training.
The real kicker is this afternoon I started to feel a slight right inner heel pain. Indications of plantaar fascitiis. O h n o I thought...the right foot is flat and prone to issues when harder running is brought in. I must back off and survive.

signing off--one down and out wannabe sub-2:30 marathoner


  1. Don't lose the edge or ambition. Some of us need you to keep the heat on. I don't run 5k time trials but I know what it's like to have to lay down somewhere on the course at mile 19 of a long run. I usually then mull over the fact that my chosen race distance is another 7 miles. Ugh!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Andrew, Thanks for the encouragement. Looks like your running is back in shape-good for you. It'll be tough couple of days before I pull out of this one.