Saturday, August 26, 2006

Heel Report

We ran easy five miles with the stroller through the neighborhood with cooler temperatures to drop off Russ’s Lydiard book. The cooler weather is nice, still trying to break my rut I am stuck in.

Heel report\recap: Often I have read of runners coming across an injury that would sound really bad and then miraculously in a week they are winning some race or doing super training. I always questioned, was it really an injury?
Well, in my case the inner right heel became inflamed and showed indications of plantaar fascitiis after a week of intensive training and demanding long run. I take it was a culmination of the events that led to this debacle rather than say the hard long run. But, what gets me is the speed wasn’t all that fast. Just fast enough that I am not currently conditioned and I took it on too soon. Hey, the hot humid weather broke and the marathon bug is settling and worries arise to running fast enough on race day. Patience is virtue.
Physically the heel appears to be fully recovered. Now it’s time to work on my psyche and get my head back in the game. Usually a race or similar competitive activity does the trick. We will see…

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  1. Glad to hear the heel is feeling better. Hope the right pace finds you on marathon day. My one brush with plantar pain was kind of the same as yours.