Tuesday, August 08, 2006

MLR (1.5Hrs Long Aerobic Run) Bowker Flats

I am treating this as a Medium Long Run (MLR 10-14 miles). This is done at a fairly steady pace approximately 30 seconds slower than marathon pace. This is currently using 6:00\mile as marathon pace ran on the flats until the HR and leg turnover develop efficiency.

Today’s run was interrupted twice by the General Electric microwave repair technician to discuss work done. A total loss of approximately five minutes so I figure its worth adding a beat to the HR. Laps (2.5m: 1-16:06 (6:26), 2-16:46 (6:42), 3-16:21 (6:32), 4-16:30 (6:36), 5-16:56 (6:46) Total 1:22:42 (16:32 – 6:37 avg.)

MLR: AM – Bowker Flats 13.5M, (1:29:59), 6:39 pace, HR approx. 150 79 degrees, sunny

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