Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cape Cod Marathon Easy Bowker Flats

An easy run with Champ in the stroller around the Bowker Flats for 5M at 27:30/7:30 pace, HR Avg 145, yesterday’s HR was 150. Feeling good.


  1. Doing good, good attitude. I forget if you've run the course before, but it is very nice. Some nice flat miles and honestly the hills aren't too bad. Of course, I wasn't running 6:30's either. Some of the downhills had me concerned. They were pretty long.

    There is one hill that does seems a bit up, but it serves to give one a 'break' from the pace. Marc and I backed off and floated to the top before resuming our speed (7:40's that day).

    And remember, just because the race is sponsored by Dunkin Donuts doesn't mean there's coffee at the finish. Boy, I found out the hard way.

  2. I ran this course twice.
    First time was a week after finishing in the top-ten at Niagara International and second was to complete the USATF-NE Grand Prix series to get the honor and jacket of being an "ronrunner", big deal.

    I like the loop course and the way it rolls through the neighborhoods. The hills are okay, it breaks up the running.