Sunday, October 08, 2006

Race Plan 26-0

My thoughts are to run the Cape Cod Marathon faster than my ROC Marathon in May despite my dismal training in the last six weeks. Todays run is no indication of this possibility.

The plan is to use every mile as a confidence builder. This means run it at 6:35 per mile or faster to rack one up for the positive. If I score 26-0 then this leads to a 2:52 or faster marathon. What a pipe dream and armchair approach to training. If I could run it on self-doubt then it could be achievable. How about weak training of late, marathon experience and pure gumption. Will that get me to break 2:52?

Saturday was a rest day, if I dare call it that, six hours plus of driving, burger and fries for dinner and improperly hydrating. All led to a dismal Sunday long run, goal was 20 miles at a good clip. My Wife broke me free early (first half mile) to go back and retrieve cash from the house so we could end at the local Starbucks for a treat. The plan was for me to catch her and the stroller on the course.

I had this brilliant, stupid actually, idea of adding sport beans to my gatorade to get an extra shot of sugar energy. It failed miserably. Eight miles later I finally caught her. Later, I slowed to a walk, convinced her to walk with me to the house for the last three miles, never got the Starbucks treat.

I have noticed that most training reporting is done on a quantitative basis. What if one would rely on qualitative instead? Something to discuss another time. As of now, the log is on my other computer which isn't allowing me to pull the file up on this one, ahhh I need to change the Firewall, that's it. Okay gotta go.

Two hours of running probably got me 14 miles.


  1. Experience goes a long way in:

    A) Helping one to run faster than their training says they should
    B) Helping one to actually finish
    C) Establishing a good 'baseline bad time' - the time one runs when having a bad day which surprisingly is still better than a older PR.

    Cape Cod has a gentleness to it that Holyoke lacks. Paved, it rolls gently down relaxing streets and along the ocean before it heads north into the country. With other runners running 2:50 or better, you'll have company a long time.

    If you run stress free for more than the half, your experience and natural speed will clock you a decent return.

    What are sport beans? Sounds horrible.

  2. Thanks for the CC tips. Sport Beans are made by the Jelly Bean company and they have a formula designed for endurance sports.

    A key to my first marathon was a handful of jelly beans I received around mile twent-one. Letting one or two dissolve in my mouth at a time allowed for a slow release of sugar that provided the energy to a Boston qualifier.