Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Race Report - First One

With an advanced taking by Lil Champ's Doctor at Children's Hospital we were able to make the starting line at the Tufts Womens 10K. That's the kid's 1K fitness walk, by the way.

Our boy held his own in the pack as streams of kids went running past, maybe he was slightly intimidated by the sheer numbers of them and the noise. His feet were locked ten feet past the start line and he wasn't moving. So, he got a lift and then a smile for Mom a little while later down the path on the Common. Turns out he walked and was carried for the most part. At the end, on his own power he strode through the finish line giving Joan Benoit Samuelson a high five in the process. Not bad for a 21 month old.

The weather was warm and sunny and great for watching the 10 km, we were 15 feet from the starting platform with all the announcements. Joanie is absolutely amazing for all she does in the prepatory race as an honored guest to speaking, stepping off the platform running to the start and running the race. On top of it all, she finishes strongly ahead of the field. Absolutely incredible effort and sustainability.

Not far from the start was our post on the finish line. Great viewing as the leaders streamed in, what a push by some of the top women runners. Interestingly, I was told if you finished in under 8:00\mile you would have made the top 100 of over 7,000 runners. I believe most finished and 10:00\mile plus.

Later, on Columbus Day we made it out to run a good eight miles, it was still 80 degrees and sunny.

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  1. Congrats to the running prodigy. My four year old still clings to my leg at the mere suggestion that she join in the kids' race.