Saturday, October 14, 2006

Race Story - Sarah Lynn Hughes Memorial 5K Race

Temperature read 38 degrees in the car on the way to the race. Nice and sunny with very little wind. Post registration got me bib number 454; I figured less than 200 running this race. The results aren’t up yet on Coolrunning. It appeared to have pretty low key competition warming up at the start.

The gun went off and the usual gaggle of kids go running like mad ahead of everyone only to get passed within the first quarter mile. When we reached a half-mile I settled in behind the eventual winner. This course has a number of short flat stretches and rolling hills. One hill around mile two is astonishingly steep but the course turns left half way up. There are plenty of turns to keep one from getting bored.

The finish line appeared and I was about 30 seconds behind to take second overall, first in age group and feeling quite comfortable.

This wasn’t an all out effort; just a good time to race and feel what it’s like to compete. I forgot to bring extra water at the start and research previous results to see what competition I was up against along with a course map. Next year is a different story as without too much effort one could challenge this year’s three-peat winner. Prize awarded was a ribbon with medal attached.

The Saucony racers worked well and the only complaint was waiting ten minutes for the inbound train to clear the tracks before the race could start.

Well this topples my lousy summer Masters level 5K PR by 27 seconds. But, it still doesn’t qualify for the coveted asterisk denoting lifetime PR! Time to update the Side Bar. . .

Unofficial 17:47/5:43 pace HR average at 170 bpm, 2nd overall, 1st Master


  1. Excellent! Glad to hear you ran with comfort.

  2. Well run Mark, but you're right, you should be beating that guy!