Friday, October 13, 2006

Sarah Lynn Hughes Memorial 5K Race Scheduled

Tomorrow is the day of reckoning at the above mentioned race which is a mere 6.5 miles from the house. I wanted to run the Baystate Half Marathon but it didn’t pass the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). She also reminded me how poorly organized their race is.

I will give Baystate Marathon credit for being flat and fast. I ran my first marathon there in a Boston Qualifier of 3:10:59. I hadn’t a clue about Marathoning back then.

Today was a short five miler on the Haynes School Loop to see how the recovery is and check speed. I ran in the new NB 767s and they feel weird. Next time I will put in my inserts in to see if they are better. I ran to the DJSteve 170bpm for the heck of it to keep me moving a long. Felt fine with a strong effort of 33:42.


  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Good Luck with that race.
    I know all about the WAF. It does require very careful negotiations.

  2. Thomas, Thanks for the wishes. My Wife also serves as a sounding board seeing how she competes as well.