Sunday, November 05, 2006

2:38 Boston - Age 35

Marathon Miles

In preparation to create a plan for Boston 2007 I included my 2001 Boston on my two recent marathon progressions.

A key difference I notice in the chart is the number of weeks less than 40 miles highlighted in yellow, taper excluded.

The 2001 included the following breakdown:



7-Runs while wearing snowshoes

11-cross-training efforts

3-PR Races

16-0M days, complete rest

12-Less than 4M days.

33-Doubles (one triple) run days

My take away is there were many days of 4-6 mile runs. I created a road fartlek method to maximize my work lunch hour. It consisted of a mile warm-up. Three miles of fartleks by accelerating on an approaching vehicle or passing vehicle until out of sight and then resting on the next one. Finish with a one mile cool down. This run is equivalent to having a gel at mile 22; a huge boost in performance. We had weekly intervals performed on the track or roads ranging from 200m to 2000m.

The 2001 followed a 16 week BAA created club marathon program tailored to the course. I am not sure what improvements have been made in the last five years, if any. I see this program as the cornerstone of my 2007 Boston.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 16
Number of Workouts: 3
Stretching: assorted
Yoga: Two
P\U, S\U: 300\600

Notes: First week of the recovery per Pfitzingers Advanced Marathoning. I ran 16 to his 16 schedule.

Issues to Note:
1. Residual DOMS subsided by Thursday allowing three runs at the end of the week. Left hamstring seemed most tight. My right ankle early on felt a little worn. Interestingly, the inner right shin stuff, mild, disappeared since the marathon, possibly speed related.

Next Week Goal:
Boost mileage to 30, cross-train, stretching and strengthening consistency.


  1. I take it your goal this year is a 2:34 from your previous post.

    I can't wait to give Boston a go. See you there.

  2. A 2:34 is a goal, depending on training for Boston this may or may not happen. I am looking for a sub-2:40 at Boston.

    I have alot of work to do considering I wanted CCM to be 2:46 and not 2:52. We will see you there as I am looking to send my application in soon.