Monday, November 06, 2006

The Boston Marathon 2007 Plan

Week 1 54
Week 2 68
Week 3 65
Week 4 69
Week 5 65
Week 6 68
Week 7 72
Week 8 70
Week 9 63
Week 10 73
Week 11 62
Week 12 73
Week 13 79
Week 14 66
Week 15 55
Week 16 49

Total Miles: 1051
Weekly Average: 65.69

There are seven runs of twenty miles or longer, weekly intervals on the track, two tune-up races, hill training, simulating race conditions and running on the race course.

This is an increase of five miles per week average over my last marathon build. The program has a peak week of 79 miles. Speed seems lacking in my last two marathons while endurance is already built on a large base of marathons and some ultras. Taking two weeks off the overall plan may help my focus and comply better with the New England weather.

Our National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is now open to hunting for small game and archery deer. Stick to the trails and wear some orange should suffice. Do not run the NWR during shotgun or muzzleloader deer (Nov 27 - Dec 30). Check the numer of vehicles in the parking lots and be watchful are my words of caution. Today I heard two gunshots and saw one other runner.

I ran to the Assabet River and turned where a beaver took down a 20" diameter tree.

Yesterday we went out to Leominster State Forest and viewed the 11o' ledge with the climbers, we didn't climb it but hiked some of the trails. Excellent weather, clear skies and clean air.

An excellent inspirational piece aired on the public radio show "only a game" about Kenyan runners. Wouldn't it be neat to spend a month at Lornah Kiplagat's high altitude training camp there in Iten?

Training: AM-8M 62:49 HR 137 NWR 39-ptly cldy Resting HR 48 Weight 162


  1. More miles is mo' better. I look forward to reading about the build. I like all the 20+ milers.

  2. I'm only scheduled for 3x20 milers plus a couple of 18 milers, but then again I don't have the background you do. I certainly haven't done an ultra. The workout that really boosted my confidence was doing 15 miles at MP. But I've only done one marathon so far.

  3. Mike- I hear you on the miles. For some reason pushing my weekly too high leads to trouble. The 20+ basically go on a rest\easy cycle.

    oldlobo- Looks like you have at least 5 quality long runs. The ultras just gives one a higher confidence in how far and long (time) one can survive running. They can really break you.

    For one marathon a 2:49 is pretty darn good!