Monday, November 13, 2006

burning FAT for endurance

I took another look at Fuel on Fat For the Long Run that has been brought up in run blogs. My comment on Mike’s blog was this is a crazy idea when he first posted it. It seems Eric also got onboard and the topic surfaced again several weeks ago.

For long workouts and marathons I have my own creation to stockpile the carbs within two hours. I use BOBOJ, banana, oatmeal, bagel (w\peanut butter) and orange juice. If time allowed I also had a green tea with a small amount of non-fat milk. This is actually a lot of food to take in, but I have always believed it gave me the source of energy for endurance length runs.

This time I read and analyzed the article. Based on my notes there are several questions that I would ask. But, the bottom line is it all started to make sense. I reflected back in my running experience to days that correlated and ones that did not and their outcome. In addition the book I am reading by Richard Nerurkar he writes about not eating two hours before a workout. He does not go into the why or help you understand the reasoning. Another item I caught was watching the chasingKIMBIA during my workouts that their pre-marathon breakfast was something like 4-4:30 in the morning, well before the race.

My second marathon this year was to be a PR even though on a more challenging course. Seeing how it wasn’t, like any major sports team, something has to change. Becoming a fat-burner is just one small ingredient. When my wife caught on to what I was doing with my diet the last couple of days she dismissed the notion.

Today’s workout was the Speed-Strength Circuit. A total time of 90 minutes and average HR of 133 with peaks around 168 during the 400s. I ran the program the whole way through twice. I lowered the 400 meter pace from last week’s 6:40 to 6:18. This effort seemed to be okay. The back extensions and bench dips are the toughest; I’ve had to break them down into shorter sets. Also, I restricted to drinking water only from a cup to practice for racing.

Training: am, 6M, 47:07, 400m at 6:18 Speed - Strength Circuit


  1. Yes Mark, come to the dark side. I was skeptical myself, but I've had good results so far with the no breakfast thing.

  2. Just catching up here...sorry I'm late. I agree, this has worked well for me in terms of fueling the long runs. The first cycle I did, I bonked at mile 20 or 21 on all three of the strongly paced 22 milers I did. After a few months of skipping the cereal before most (not all) runs, I have done a few more 20-22 mile runs with no hint of problems. The science is sound, but, more importantly, the results are real.