Monday, November 27, 2006

Grass Work

What a beautiful sunrise leading to a gorgeous warm day. The air temperature was about 57 degrees with fair skies! I got together at the Haskell Fields for some grass fartleks. This was a solo effort imagining everyone leaving me in their tracks. It went very well all things considered and now I may actually do next weekend’s road race.

The workout:

4 x 3 mins.
2 min rest

4 x 2 mins.
2 min rest

4 x 1 min.
1 min rest

A five minute rest between sets at a slow jog.

The first repeat was slow; the legs just weren’t turning over. I am still working on relaxing and running fast. The second one of each set seemed to get things coming back to my legs and I could spin them over and felt a lot more at ease on the grass. There were a few where I was just hammerin’ right along like old times. This is one workout I would like to try on a small grassy down slope to quicken the turnover.

Training: am, 57 degrees, 8M, fartleks, nice work!

1 comment:

  1. I've been taking weather like that for granted. I need to appreciate it more.