Thursday, November 02, 2006

King of the Roads

“Bill Rogers” was my exclamation as I rounded the bakery section of our local supermarket to the King on the Roads. Hopefully some of his speed from our handshake will get into my system to set some PRs before the end of the year and beyond.

Today brings more yoga, walking, sit-ups, push-ups and thinking of a plan. This creativity phase involves online research, books we have and training logs from past years. Thoughts are leaning toward the Kevin Beck 12-week, BAA 16-week, Pfitzinger 18 week 70+ programs and a blend of Martin\Coe techniques. For some reason the Lydiard stuff didn’t get me very far; or I haven’t given it enough time. The Daniels programs were just too confusing that I don’t want to go back and look at them. Maybe, when PRs start landing these tossed aside experts will get another look. For now, it’s going to be what’s proven to work.


  1. Cool that you met Bill but you left the "d" out of his last name.

    I've never tried Beck, but I know some people that have had success with his program.

  2. believe it or not, I have a friend in the next town over and his name is spelled "Rogers" I seem to mix them up

    I don't think Bill remembered me from my first Boston in 1991 when he autographed my gym bag.

  3. I had considered Beck's program, but I decided I didn't have enough training background to pull it off. It looked like a high injury risk to me. Maybe in a year or two.

    I recently had a similar experience of encountering Henry Rono. I'd actually run with him a time or 2 in the old days. I don't think he remembered, either.

  4. Great race report from Cape Cod. You ran a great race on a tough course on a tough day. Well done.