Monday, November 20, 2006

Lactate Test -- What Does This Mean?

I ran this one at LSRHS instead of Maynard. The track is further away from home. It seems the straights are shorter so the turns aren't as tight. This may help alleviate the issue I had before with my shins. The LS track could use a new surface, several areas the topcoat sounds hollow and there are a number of dips and rises.
This test was done with an air temp of about 40, cloudy skies and a slight breeze that stiffened a little for the last two runs.

I need help interpreting what some of the data means.

Lactate Threshold Testing
2400m Actuals


140 11:34 7:45 slow pace hard to not go fast
150 10:40 7:09 still slow, keep track of laps
160 10:02 6:43 a little quicker
170 9:27 6:20 at 169. breathing, fear 180
180 9:03 6:04 at 176. This is allot of work I can feel the legs, heavy breath, lower energy, had enough


140 10:36 7:06 easy
150 10:12 6:50 okay pace
160 9:27 6:20 at 159 moving along
170 9:02 6:03 at 168 this can be work
180 9:01 6:02 at 171 slow start, enough strong finish
I dropped off trying to achieve the 180HR. After six weeks of training my HR improved versus running at all intensities. A pace that used to require 170 HR now required less than 160 HR.


140 10:35 7:03 at 139 anxious
150 9:54 6:36 at 149 okay
160 9:15 6:10 at 158 form focus
170 8:50 5:53 at 165 tough
180 9:06 6:04 at 164 mentall challenge
The 160 HR was most comfortable. 170 and 180 were difficult to achieve and the 180 was with a stiffer wind and loss of energy. Working on breathing, form and mental. 2 minute recovery.After the 170 I had enough, when I got home I was starving and cold. Only water and no breakfast before the run.

Training: tests 11.5m, no issues


  1. Your top end looks pretty consistent. Leg strength is the major factor limiting your max hr, so it is likely that that has been consistent as well. That outlying 5:53 may have been due to a more relaxed effort. Any muscles that tighten will increase your hr a bit (though the leg muscles are far and away the most significant). These other muscles might not, however, contribute to propelling you forward at a faster rate.

  2. I am having a hard time relaxing whenever the pace gets around 6:00 minutes. Don't know why, but it's not smooth and requires allot of focus to settle down.

    Are you saying leg strength is keeping my max HR down?

    thanks for the feedback