Friday, November 03, 2006

Personal Running Coach

  • Whether I coach myself or someone else does:

  • Coaching Program

    First Name: Mark

    E-mail Address:

    City: Sudbury

    State/Prov: MA

    Your age: 40

    Running Since: 1985

    Distances you'll be racing (and goals)

    **5K ( 15:50\5:04 )

    **8K/5 miles ( 26:48\5:20 )

    **10K ( 33:20\5:20 )

    **Half Marathon ( 1:13:45\5:36 )

    **Marathon ( 2:34:30\5:52 )

    Short term running goals (within the next year): Establish Master NE Grand Prix points. Sub 2:40 marathon

    Long term running goals (beyond one year): sub 2:30 in the Marathon

    Any injuriesillnesses in the past year? If yes, what type and length of training missed? One week for PF, two weeks for flu.

    Average miles per week the past three months: 60 mpw

    Do you cross train? If so, what type and how often? yes, once a month

    Most recent race times: Marathon 2:52:28, 5K 17:50, 5M 27:40

    Have you had any previous experience with a coach? If so describe what was good or bad about it. Some, more of a group setting than tailored experience.

    What do you hope to get from this coaching relationship? Goal achievement, understanding of suited training method.

    Anything else you'd like us to know about you? Results driven.


    1. Good goals with a strong relationship among the distances. The basic "slow down 4 seconds per lap - go twice the distance". I am still working on my relationship. According to my 5k time I could run a 2:47 if properly trained. But I'm 10 minutes slower than that so I have some work to do.

      Have you read Hadd's training philosophy?

    2. same goals from May 2005, with this blog starting this year as part of the "change" to achieve some progress is hopeful.

      I read Hadd's, have it printed and in my binder, marked and posted several on this blog of his 2400m at HR tests over the summer. I like the tests, I missed the third one while in a slump and am looking forward to getting back to them.

      Your question peaks my interest to read it again, thanks.

    3. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

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