Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Speed-Strength Workout

Here is my Speed-Strength workout. I think I pulled it from an Owen Anderson article back before the web. He now has a DVD on this subject going for $100+!

Warm Up with 10-15 minutes easy jogging
Stretch for mobility
Jog for a couple of minutes
1. 400 meters at 5k pace
2. 15 squat thrusts, with jumps (burpees)
3. 4 Chin=-ups
4. 20 side situps, each side
5. 15 Push-ups
6. 24 body-weight squats
7. 400 Meters
8. 10 squat and dumbbell presses with 10lb dumbbells
9. 30 low-back extensions
10. 10 feet-elevated pushups
11. 20 platform lunges
12. 24 Bench Dips
13. 400 Meters
14. Repeat 2-13, cool down 2 miles of light jogging

I went through the program yesterday substituting the bike for the run at an easy pace. In the afternoon a brisk walk to vote with the stroller for one hour. Today, I ran once through it with a treadmill pace of no faster than my last marathon (6:40) keeping the heart rate below 160. Since I am still within two weeks of recovery I am taking it easy and will most likely feel some sore muscles from this tomorrow.

It’s actually a dynamite program when in full training to push the treadmill to the max and fluidly flow between exercises. This is a strength builder that also enhances speed and if that isn’t enough you feel and look good afterward. Now, it’s a matter of where to fit it into the program. Do I dare put it on Monday after Sunday’s long run?

I read the resting heart rate is a good indicator of one’s fitness and if tracked shows recovery. My first check I came up with 48 and the second day 50. Based on this chart of seven levels, athlete being the highest, I am at the low end. That’s good. It will be interesting to track and see how the numbers come out as I progress towards Boston. For now I use the carotid artery finger check method. The thought of sleeping or strapping on a heart rate monitor has crossed my mind as it may be more accurate than my multiply by 6 or 10 method.


  1. This is a neat idea. I had read somewhere a long time ago that running a fast 400 following strength work will stimulate the release of a small amount of growth hormone, which obviously would enhance muscle building and repair.

    Definitely breaks up the everyday routine. I'll probably give this a try once I have built back up a little further.

  2. I bought his Lactate-Liftoff book awhile ago and saw this type of workout in it, but never did it.

    Fitting these types of things into the program is always the problem.

    I can't believe he's charging $100 for his DVD.

  3. Stay tuned as I try and work this one, for me the rewards are too good to pass up.