Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This Isn’t Going To Be Easy.

Planned eight miles on the treadmill starting at 7:00s and seeing how well I held up. Going into the run I could feel a little soreness in my glutes, mostly on the right side. This may be attributed to yesterday’s platform lunges. The first mile was on the mark but felt the HR creeping up so backed off to 7:30s.

Had to stop and make some gym adjustments for water. I was spilling the cup of water all over the place. By the time I hit three miles the sweat was pouring off of me. Realizing the lack of airflow and the more I ran the warmer the room which led to a higher HR. Settled for backing off the pace to keep the HR low and not self-destruct.

With the slower pace I had to focus more on my running economy. It seems I am out of practice in running relaxed, smooth and focused. My arms seem to cross over too much and swing too high. I realized my breathing was mostly through the mouth. I adjusted this by including breathing through my nose and filling the lungs by expanding the abdomen.

Finished the run finally in 65:30, 8:11, 159HR


  1. I also cooked myself to medium rare on a treadmill tonight. Looking at our respective goals, we might be seeing a lot of each other in the race.

    Thanks for the offer to advise on my Boston arrangements. I'd appreciate any advice you have. My wife, 9 year old daughter and mother-in-law are all planning to come. So we're looking for accommodations for 4. Would like to arrive on Saturday and stay at least a day or 2 afterwards. Mom-in-law is a former Bostonian, so at least we'll have a guide.

    My internet address is rajaquila[AT]hotmail.com.

  2. I will be looking into fans and better cooling in the gym today. You are one of inspirations to ensure my training holds up to make the start line at goal pace.

    I'll send you a message on travel & accomodations.