Sunday, December 31, 2006

REPORT: Week One - Boston Marathon Training

2007 First Snow

Easy on the first Bowker Flats as we got our first snow. The neighborhood streets are packed snow, ice, patches of bare and few sanded spots. Next ten went fine trying to maintain 145HR and above, leisurely trying. Last 2.5M on the flats was still slippery and finished up the street at Suffolk to have Garmin say it’s an even 15.0 M.

1st 2.5M@7:30 (18:46)
10M@6:39 (66:30)
2nd 2.5M@6:52 (17:10)

Weekly Review

Total Miles: 75.0
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: light on pre-run and most post-runs
Yoga: One
P\U, S\U: falling off

Notes: One week down fifteen to go!
Issues to Note: virus lingers with dry throat through the night and excess phlegm buildup in the morning, pulled right lower back muscle around the 24th, right front shin muscle defined as approximately 1” wide and two inches long of tight\hardened it will hurt if pressed on too hard while thumb massage. Feeling a little from the faster pace and increased miles.
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log

Training: am, 19, fair, BF, Willow Guzzle, BF 15.0m, 1:42:25, 6:49\mi, 150 HR

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Daybreak. . .

Early enough run where it was too dark to see the lap button and mistakenly pressed stop starting the 4th of July Course. It’s a good thing the HR monitor wasn’t interrupted so I could calculate out the time minus Morse Road. The 4th came out to 25:37 for a pace of 6:34 distance being 3.9M. Total Garmin was 42:48. Came across two small deer on Peakham, sun trying to break on Water Rowe, very icy in the flooded area and must’ve been around 25 turkeys on Lincoln Road. Post run weight at 158.

Yesterday was an easy shakeout in the rain, counted 18 turkeys on a lawn at the corner of Mossman and Farm Lane.

Sun-Dist-Water Row Original, am, 37, clr, felt good little icy, 25:37 on 4thCourse, 10M, 68:25, 6:50 pace, 154 HR

Sat-Rest-Mossman Variant, am, 47, rain, shakeout, add Suffolk & Kendra, 3.79M, 29:47, 7:51 pace

Friday, December 22, 2006

One Starry Morning. . .

Boston Marathon training begins early today by getting out the door at 5 a.m. I am usually fortunate that most of my runs are in the daylight. This mornings darkness brought out a few notables that are worthy of at least a few electrons.

To start, the w\u was short as my GPS locked onto its satellites amazingly quick. Clear skies, you better be ready to run. Soon after starting I missed the first turn, after a quick circle in the street it was on with the mistaken path up the hill. There goes the 2.5m on the flats.

I finished off the flats, with bump hill, while getting one glance at current time\pace under a street light in the neighborhood. It’s dark and cold. Changed from hat to headband and grabbed a water bottle to head off to the Haynes Loop. A mile into it I see a four-legger cross the road. Either someone let their dog out or its one of the suburban coyotes. I wasn’t taking any chances by making myself known and a good little kick in quickening the pace. A few over the shoulder glances left me cruising down the hill to the next turn. On the back side of this loop I needed to consciously tell myself to keep the pace up as it’s a progression run as the miles tick off. This happens on the long slow uphills that sneak up on your pace as it looks flat but it’s not.

Changed out water bottles, for a non-leaker, and off to Pratts Mill for the eight miler. This leg should be even faster. Let’s see, the goal was 7:12 and then 6:36 for progression loops based on a 6:00 marathon pace from Pfitzingers book. Without light I could only go by feel and as miles went by it just gets harder to tell the pace.

A beautiful sunrise brought in the last five miles. Having the sport-beans on these last two legs was the needed sugar kick to keep the gait. At the house grabbed the last bottle and pushed the effort for a true Bowker Flats in 16:10 for a 6:28 pace. Nice. Later downloaded the GPS and scratched my head as to why ForeRunner and SportTracks come up with different time and distance from the same device. Also, further analysis could be had with a better understanding of the two software programs and possible spreadsheet analysis. All can be done at another time as of now it’s Holiday Preps!

Training: am, 23, clear, Bowker\Haynes\Pratts 18.5m 2:07:46-6:54 pace, no complaints, last 2.5m@6:28, 148 HR

Thursday, December 21, 2006

10K Marathon Predictor: ARNWR Charlie Loop-Outer

“If you can bring your 10K time down 30 seconds, you can bring your marathon time down 2 minutes”. As quoted in the Mercury News article Runners Race Against Clock. Would this mean if I ran my last two marathons at 2:52 and a recent 5 + miler in a 5:45 (35:43 10K) pace to achieve sub-2:40 I need to run a 32:43 10K at a 5:15 pace? Come on now Coach Jack Daniels surely I must be applying this wrong. Maybe I am taking this out of context. My planned races thus far to build to the Boston Marathon are a 10-miler and a half-marathon. An unexpected 10K could be in the works for January.

My wife talked me into dropping my run from 9 miles to 7 miles today. It went very well on the reservation. Passing a hunter on the Patrol Road, sitting on the guard rail admiring the marshland, put a small surge in the pace. It wasn’t until the last mile when I ran the extension out to busy Route 27 to sprinkle on a few fartleks that this route was a keeper.

Training: am, ARNWR, 7m 49:02, 7:00 pace 145 HR

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Speed-Strength Workout

Today was the sixth speed-strength workout. Good progressions so far with only the DNF hiccup from two weeks ago. The incline was at 1% the whole time including 6:00 quarters. Total workout 1:53:10.

Training: am, treadmill, 8m 60:45, 7:35 pace 133 HR

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Double Run: With A Virus?

Seems the bug is finally working its way out of my system. Two loops on the flats with one stop to retrieve the tossed over milk bottle. Felt good. HR had the time at 33:04 for a pace of 6:36. Garmin time listed.

Training: pm, 5m, 33:59, 6:46 @153 HR

Boston Marathon 2004 Video

Watching this purchased film in its entirety on the treadmill put a cyclist mindset twist to this mornings run. Picture one running the course while seeing it on the mill, what a concept. Too bad, it’s too short. Maybe, I can cut the old VHS over to digital.

Training: 4.1m, 29:32, 7:12 pace

Monday, December 18, 2006

Feel The Warmth

It’s very nice to be in New England and do a run wearing shorts a week before Christmas. Morse Road OutnBack-Hills

Training: am, 50 fair, 6.13m 44:47 @7:18, one stop to drop off NYC Marathon Video

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Weekly Report: Marathon Time Run

This morning’s family runner (stroller incl.) put us in the ARNWR for a variety of roads\trails. I was more than happy when we exited to find a smooth roll ahead without the stones and roots to bounce things around. We had a total of 8 minutes rest time for stops. I finished the run today sans stroller for one mile at a sub 7:00 pace.

I loaded up SportTracks, Google Earth and downloaded Garmin Forerunner 201 data. My wife doesn’t agree with the Garmin pace or distance results. Boston Marathon training starts on December 24. I will plan to do the scheduled long run of 18m on the 22nd due to family commitments.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 58.5
Number of Workouts: 6
Stretching: light on pre-run and most post-runs
Yoga: Two

P\U, S\U: Routine
Notes: I would like to do the max HR next week.
Issues to Note: Biggest ailment was contracting a virus that left me lethargic and forced a rest day.
Next Week Goal: Mileage 60-70

Training: am, ARNWR 17.0m, 2:36:22, 9:11 pace, 155 (can’t be right for avg.) HR w\stroller

Saturday, December 16, 2006

We Were Running. . .

At a 9:37 ambling pace through the sun shining neighborhood. Haynes Loop modified to explore Kendra Lane and see some of the new homes (very large) being put up in Willis Estates.

It felt good to get out there but the lack of energy is holding me back. I promise today to look at the calendar to see when the official kickoff day is for the Boston Marathon training. Maybe we will celebrate with a cake or something.

Friday, December 15, 2006

“what are you 130 pounds soaking wet”?

A shipping driver guy comments to me on the loading dock

I tell him 160 as of this morning.

He says “I haven’t weighed that since the service.

I say “I came out of boot camp at 160 while going in at 140”.

That was over twenty years ago. . .

Its amazing things people say to runners. Today is rest and looking at the calendar for when the Boston Marathon training truly starts. Worst day yet of the virus.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Start Fast and Finish Slow

Exploratory starting in ARNWR ending up in Memorial Forest, lots of deer trails ending up in marshy areas. The morning fog provided for an interesting view of the natural scenery. This run started fast and finished slow. At the end I was lucky to hold 118 on the heart rate monitor. Woke again feeling some of the virus, despite a ton of pasta at last nites dinner the energy reserves depleted within forty five minutes and I was glad to get the run over with. Hopefully tomorrow’s speed-strength is better.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Took littleun out on WG route, it was colder than what we heard. Pushed the pace, had four stops and still managed a pretty decent time. Woke up with somewhat of a virus feeling as the littlun has been coughing the last two days.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Weaker Leg

A blogger posted an article recently concerning lower leg pain. It was a study of two; put the runners in thin hard type soles and find improvement. I somewhat equated it to barefoot running. A research piece that is drawing attention to having too much cushion misbalancing the muscles and slowing blood flow to areas.

Anyhow, focusing on my lower right leg gives me a feeling that it’s been going along for the ride for quite some time. Probably from it being flat and suffering plantar fasciitis in the past, requiring orthotics. The left leg and foot seems to do the majority of the work from strength to push off. Today I focused on the right toes as a claw gripping the dirt and trying to feel the leg work. It wasn’t far and I could feel the quad and ankle. The ankle felt warm to the touch at the end of the run. Using the right leg is reminiscent of how I used to run with both legs, and faster. It’s like going from two wheel drive to four wheel drive on the Great Point sandy beach of Nantucket.

Training: am,35 lt rain, ARNWR 14m, 1:47:41, 7:41 pace

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Weekly Report: It Takes More Than One Bowl of Cereal

This morning’s post-run feast required two bowls of cereal. The first left me hungry for more, as I indulged my two year old hit the “Easy” button and we both smiled.

Weekly Review

Total Miles: 61.50
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: light on pre-run and most post-runs
Yoga: Two
P\U, S\U: Routine
Notes: Explored more trails
Issues to Note: Sunday’s marathon like effort took its toll this week. There were quite a few ailments and a solid four days to recover. Reschedule max HR for next week. I found a nice pine needle lined hill by the Firefighting Academy.
Next Week Goal: Mileage 60-70

Training: am, ARNWR 16.5m, 2:07:28, 7:43 pace, 134 HR

Friday, December 08, 2006

Taking It Easy

As of yesterday I decided to keep all runs easy until the ailments clear. Yesterday’s flu shot can still be felt in my arm this morning. The treadmill gave up ten miles to me. Entertainment started with ChasingKimbia, a few YouTube videos and finished with ChasingKimbia. I never spent the time to learn YouTube, it’s probably well organized, but if you click randomly on the videos that show up next it takes you all over the place. There is some really weird stuff on their. I’ll say no more.

Our future champ got a kick out of seeing Santa Claus riding on a fire truck through the center of Concord on his way to - Lighting of the Tree and Collection of Unwrapped Gifts for Charity. Burger and fries, lots of cookies, cider and hot chocolate was the evening dining. The little adventure did help the little buckaroo’s earlier pouting fit. Later it was up and down for a not so good night’s sleep.

Training: am, Treadmill 10m 1:19:35, 7:57 pace, 144 HR

Thursday, December 07, 2006

What Ails Me?

Inflammation of left hamstring tendon
Delicate upper left hip flexor
Stiff right ankle
Mild right shin splint

The bothersome are keeping me from performing a max HR test today. Currently researching how best to take care of them, it’s amazing the wealth of information on the net. I am reading ICE is one of the best methods and to work on prevention. Also, should determine the cause to not let it happen again, especially with the Boston Marathon training starting in two weeks.

I opted for an easy exploratory trail run. I purposefully kept the HR low enough as to not aggravate the above. A new discovery is the physical fitness course, with exercise stations, for the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy located in the Marlborough State Forest. Also, some nice long trails that border the Patrol Road, keeps you off the pavement and on a soft bed of pine needles. It’s sweet to run on. What spoils me are the wooded sections with tree roots, rocks or branches where your forefoot lands and jams your ankle. Ouch! Almost, makes it not worth your while. So, must choose carefully, no daydreaming and heads up running at all times. Garmin battery went dead at 1:36 with three miles left. I’ll have to see what data I can get once it’s recharged.

Deer Hunter Report: NSTR. Only two days left!

Training: am, ARNWR 15m 2:04:14, 8:15 pace, 124 HR

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Suburban Coyotes

Yesterday morning’s close encounter with a coyote on Belcher\Willis has brought my wife indoors to run on the treadmill. She feels threatened and certainly has good reason as the beast was staring her down only fifteen feet away. As the weather gets colder and food scarcer the probability of a rare coyote attack increases.

About a month ago I harassed and tried my best to run over a coyote lurking on the side of Longfellow at dusk. A coyote can run 30 mph and my vehicle is faster but its maneuverability and quickness far escaped my aging Volvo. If only I had a turbo.

DNF on this morning’s Speed-Strength workout. I missed the last 13 platform lunges, 400 meters and cool-down. It feels like I strained a muscle at the top to the left hip flexor on a lunge. It just kind of went as I was moving the pace along a little quicker than usual. I tried another and thought, oh no better not! It feels like one of those muscles that are for doing leg kicks in swimming. Split the dips into sets of five reps and back extensions to three sets of ten.

Training: am, treadmill, Speed-Strength 5m 39:44, 7:56 pace

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Managing Recovery

This past Sundays run brought immediate fatigue, tissue breakdown, glycogen depletion and dehydration. What I am looking to do is manage recovery by focusing on how well I feel after a hard workout. What ails me, energy level, diet, quantity and quality of sleep, health and life stressors are all factors needing attention. The type of workout will also make a difference.

For now, let’s focus on this one long run of 23 miles (includes a 5.2m race) and when I feel ready to run long again. I am estimating four days of recovery. Yesterday was easy on the trails for 7 miles, no pain just soreness. Back of the left knee some kind of ligament thing, will need to research. Left hamstring felt sore and right ankle used.

I did self-treatment in the bath today, both nights about 7.5 hours sleep first night not the best quality. Yesterday was yoga, finally after a long break. Been considering a second run today, but just realized that would be a stupid idea. Also, it would wipe out the atta boy my wife just gave me for only running three miles today.

Training: am, treadmill, 3m cold start, 23:44, 7:54 pace

Monday, December 04, 2006

First Snow

My wife said 0 to 3, my body was saying rest and my mind said here is an opportunity to explore another trail. I ran a shakeout recovery run (active rest) in the ARNWR.

Markers 9-8-10-5-9, Craven Lane, Trail C and Patrol Road return. After the water Craven and through to the middle of trail C is paved as in the really old stuff. Nice thing though is there are no vehicles or bicycles allowed. Left the HR monitor at home to purposely not go too fast. Lingering issue with left lower ham and right ankle feels used.

Training: am, 34, light snow, ARNWR C Loop, 7m 60:00, 8:30 pace

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Conditioning – Race Report-Missed The Plan

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 77.0
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: hit or miss
Yoga: None-bad
P\U, S\U: 250\500, not keeping good track as they are routine

Notes: Returned to the ARNWR to explore trails, 162 weight
Issues to Note: Saturday brought a strained sensation on back of left knee, tendon? I could still feel it on Sunday and a concern for race. Right ankle twists on trail routes
Next Week Goal: Mileage 60-70, Max HR, Plyometrics

Race: 28th Annual Scott Bailey

Date: Sunday, December 3, 2006, 11:00am
Location: Framingham, MA. Marian H.S.
Course: Rolling city streets
Conditions: fair, 41
Shoes: Saucony Fasttwitch
Final preparation: BOBOJ minus the banana
Notes on the race: Missed the Maynard Street turn, added on but kept same place
Notes for future: Know the course!
Distance: 5.1M
Time: 29:52 (5:52 pace)
Place: 3rd of 84 overall, 2nd Master
Adjusted Mileage and Pace: 5.2M? 5:44 per mile

Hit first mile at 5:26, 2nd at 6:06 I am thinking the markers may have been off. Felt really good, caught me several times not relaxed and legs not pulling underneath me. Missed mile 3, at this time the course had a few curves and hills. Did my best to speed up if the lead runner and police car left sight and hanging onto the runner in front of me, but after the railroad tracks 2nd runner missed the Maynard Street turn and I followed. This meant we ran around Framingham State College instead up the hill and down. When we got to Franklin I hollered to him to just go back as we were off the course. Soon enough we spotted the cruiser ahead and realized the distance loss but kept the same position. I probably relaxed my push here wanting just to get it over with.

At the finish the guy ahead apologizes for missing the turn. I explained there is no need as I should run faster. He was far enough ahead of me to keep better track, oh well I only have myself to blame, slowpoke. Also, the first place woman went off the course at some point. The timer said “didn’t you see the pink signs”, later I ran back on the course and found a pink sheet of paper stapled to a telephone pole at waist height. It had a simple arrow and said race course. Problem was it folded over in the wind. So, if this is your 28th running of this race wouldn’t you have something better?

Okay, now stupid plan, hang out in the gym for an hour before picking out a gift certificate for award, covers the entry fee. Then run home the ten miles. After 7 miles I decided to skirt off into Nobscot to run the trails on a shortcut. Problem was I winged it, got lost, and ended up in the neighborhood of $90,000 Range Rovers. I had to ask permission to go through someone’s backyard and climbed wooded hills on deer paths that were too much for running. I finally got picked up by my wife a half-mile out on her worried search for me. I had gone past my two hour time limit. I am now in the dog house! I later cooked up excellent steaks and potatoes on the grill.

Look for this as they were at the race today, “camera crew for the Today Show who followed father and son team Dick and Ricky Hoyt for a special profile to air on NBC later this month”. They are truly inspirational.

Training: am, 41 degrees, 23M 8:12 pace est.

Here is one of the trail photos from the ARNWR, highest peak.

ARNWR Weather Station

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Morning Shakeout

Nice sunrise on the ARNWR Patrol Road 9-5 out and back course. The cooler weather brought out the stiffness in my muscles. Back of my left knee is the most memorable and twisting on a tree root was no treat for my right ankle. I flirted with the notion of doing some striders on the return but felt it wasn’t worth the risk. Must do yoga today!

Deer Hunter Report: One p\u at #9, 7 at #5 a friendly wave to the NWR staff member

Training: am, 43, fair, ARNWR Patrol Road 9-5, 5.5m 46:00, 8:21 pace, 139 HR

Friday, December 01, 2006

Plyometrics? When?

The future safari explorer and I ran Willow Guzzle after the rain and before the high winds. Task today is to look into plyometrics. I have it on my header and really haven’t done any in the six months of blogging and running. It’s time to call myself out on this one and get it together. Look for a coming post on ideas of what this might entail.

Note: Comcast internet not available for 12 hours at least, cable was ok.

Training: am, 61, hazy, Willow Guzzle, 10m 1:14:51, 7:29 pace, 140 HR