Sunday, December 03, 2006

Conditioning – Race Report-Missed The Plan

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 77.0
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: hit or miss
Yoga: None-bad
P\U, S\U: 250\500, not keeping good track as they are routine

Notes: Returned to the ARNWR to explore trails, 162 weight
Issues to Note: Saturday brought a strained sensation on back of left knee, tendon? I could still feel it on Sunday and a concern for race. Right ankle twists on trail routes
Next Week Goal: Mileage 60-70, Max HR, Plyometrics

Race: 28th Annual Scott Bailey

Date: Sunday, December 3, 2006, 11:00am
Location: Framingham, MA. Marian H.S.
Course: Rolling city streets
Conditions: fair, 41
Shoes: Saucony Fasttwitch
Final preparation: BOBOJ minus the banana
Notes on the race: Missed the Maynard Street turn, added on but kept same place
Notes for future: Know the course!
Distance: 5.1M
Time: 29:52 (5:52 pace)
Place: 3rd of 84 overall, 2nd Master
Adjusted Mileage and Pace: 5.2M? 5:44 per mile

Hit first mile at 5:26, 2nd at 6:06 I am thinking the markers may have been off. Felt really good, caught me several times not relaxed and legs not pulling underneath me. Missed mile 3, at this time the course had a few curves and hills. Did my best to speed up if the lead runner and police car left sight and hanging onto the runner in front of me, but after the railroad tracks 2nd runner missed the Maynard Street turn and I followed. This meant we ran around Framingham State College instead up the hill and down. When we got to Franklin I hollered to him to just go back as we were off the course. Soon enough we spotted the cruiser ahead and realized the distance loss but kept the same position. I probably relaxed my push here wanting just to get it over with.

At the finish the guy ahead apologizes for missing the turn. I explained there is no need as I should run faster. He was far enough ahead of me to keep better track, oh well I only have myself to blame, slowpoke. Also, the first place woman went off the course at some point. The timer said “didn’t you see the pink signs”, later I ran back on the course and found a pink sheet of paper stapled to a telephone pole at waist height. It had a simple arrow and said race course. Problem was it folded over in the wind. So, if this is your 28th running of this race wouldn’t you have something better?

Okay, now stupid plan, hang out in the gym for an hour before picking out a gift certificate for award, covers the entry fee. Then run home the ten miles. After 7 miles I decided to skirt off into Nobscot to run the trails on a shortcut. Problem was I winged it, got lost, and ended up in the neighborhood of $90,000 Range Rovers. I had to ask permission to go through someone’s backyard and climbed wooded hills on deer paths that were too much for running. I finally got picked up by my wife a half-mile out on her worried search for me. I had gone past my two hour time limit. I am now in the dog house! I later cooked up excellent steaks and potatoes on the grill.

Look for this as they were at the race today, “camera crew for the Today Show who followed father and son team Dick and Ricky Hoyt for a special profile to air on NBC later this month”. They are truly inspirational.

Training: am, 41 degrees, 23M 8:12 pace est.

Here is one of the trail photos from the ARNWR, highest peak.

ARNWR Weather Station

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