Sunday, December 24, 2006

Daybreak. . .

Early enough run where it was too dark to see the lap button and mistakenly pressed stop starting the 4th of July Course. It’s a good thing the HR monitor wasn’t interrupted so I could calculate out the time minus Morse Road. The 4th came out to 25:37 for a pace of 6:34 distance being 3.9M. Total Garmin was 42:48. Came across two small deer on Peakham, sun trying to break on Water Rowe, very icy in the flooded area and must’ve been around 25 turkeys on Lincoln Road. Post run weight at 158.

Yesterday was an easy shakeout in the rain, counted 18 turkeys on a lawn at the corner of Mossman and Farm Lane.

Sun-Dist-Water Row Original, am, 37, clr, felt good little icy, 25:37 on 4thCourse, 10M, 68:25, 6:50 pace, 154 HR

Sat-Rest-Mossman Variant, am, 47, rain, shakeout, add Suffolk & Kendra, 3.79M, 29:47, 7:51 pace

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  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I thought all of the turkey trots were last month? :-) Great running there.

    I've declared the Gandy Bridge evil. My legs felt it this morning.