Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Double Run: With A Virus?

Seems the bug is finally working its way out of my system. Two loops on the flats with one stop to retrieve the tossed over milk bottle. Felt good. HR had the time at 33:04 for a pace of 6:36. Garmin time listed.

Training: pm, 5m, 33:59, 6:46 @153 HR


  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Flying! Great job.

  2. Got to hand it to you with all the stroller running you do. I never did that with the girls with any regularity. I always felt awkward and I'd lose interest in the run.

    Certainly committed to gettting those miles in. Great job.

  3. Jamie-you would probably fly on these flats seeking merciful treatment from your brutal hills.

    Andrew-It was tough early on but when you don't have a choice-go with it. Then there is the struggle age of trying to climb out of the rig! Toughest part is maintaining form. Funnest part is passing non-stroller runners with a stroller!

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