Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Managing Recovery

This past Sundays run brought immediate fatigue, tissue breakdown, glycogen depletion and dehydration. What I am looking to do is manage recovery by focusing on how well I feel after a hard workout. What ails me, energy level, diet, quantity and quality of sleep, health and life stressors are all factors needing attention. The type of workout will also make a difference.

For now, let’s focus on this one long run of 23 miles (includes a 5.2m race) and when I feel ready to run long again. I am estimating four days of recovery. Yesterday was easy on the trails for 7 miles, no pain just soreness. Back of the left knee some kind of ligament thing, will need to research. Left hamstring felt sore and right ankle used.

I did self-treatment in the bath today, both nights about 7.5 hours sleep first night not the best quality. Yesterday was yoga, finally after a long break. Been considering a second run today, but just realized that would be a stupid idea. Also, it would wipe out the atta boy my wife just gave me for only running three miles today.

Training: am, treadmill, 3m cold start, 23:44, 7:54 pace

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