Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Suburban Coyotes

Yesterday morning’s close encounter with a coyote on Belcher\Willis has brought my wife indoors to run on the treadmill. She feels threatened and certainly has good reason as the beast was staring her down only fifteen feet away. As the weather gets colder and food scarcer the probability of a rare coyote attack increases.

About a month ago I harassed and tried my best to run over a coyote lurking on the side of Longfellow at dusk. A coyote can run 30 mph and my vehicle is faster but its maneuverability and quickness far escaped my aging Volvo. If only I had a turbo.

DNF on this morning’s Speed-Strength workout. I missed the last 13 platform lunges, 400 meters and cool-down. It feels like I strained a muscle at the top to the left hip flexor on a lunge. It just kind of went as I was moving the pace along a little quicker than usual. I tried another and thought, oh no better not! It feels like one of those muscles that are for doing leg kicks in swimming. Split the dips into sets of five reps and back extensions to three sets of ten.

Training: am, treadmill, Speed-Strength 5m 39:44, 7:56 pace

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