Friday, December 08, 2006

Taking It Easy

As of yesterday I decided to keep all runs easy until the ailments clear. Yesterday’s flu shot can still be felt in my arm this morning. The treadmill gave up ten miles to me. Entertainment started with ChasingKimbia, a few YouTube videos and finished with ChasingKimbia. I never spent the time to learn YouTube, it’s probably well organized, but if you click randomly on the videos that show up next it takes you all over the place. There is some really weird stuff on their. I’ll say no more.

Our future champ got a kick out of seeing Santa Claus riding on a fire truck through the center of Concord on his way to - Lighting of the Tree and Collection of Unwrapped Gifts for Charity. Burger and fries, lots of cookies, cider and hot chocolate was the evening dining. The little adventure did help the little buckaroo’s earlier pouting fit. Later it was up and down for a not so good night’s sleep.

Training: am, Treadmill 10m 1:19:35, 7:57 pace, 144 HR

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