Monday, December 11, 2006

The Weaker Leg

A blogger posted an article recently concerning lower leg pain. It was a study of two; put the runners in thin hard type soles and find improvement. I somewhat equated it to barefoot running. A research piece that is drawing attention to having too much cushion misbalancing the muscles and slowing blood flow to areas.

Anyhow, focusing on my lower right leg gives me a feeling that it’s been going along for the ride for quite some time. Probably from it being flat and suffering plantar fasciitis in the past, requiring orthotics. The left leg and foot seems to do the majority of the work from strength to push off. Today I focused on the right toes as a claw gripping the dirt and trying to feel the leg work. It wasn’t far and I could feel the quad and ankle. The ankle felt warm to the touch at the end of the run. Using the right leg is reminiscent of how I used to run with both legs, and faster. It’s like going from two wheel drive to four wheel drive on the Great Point sandy beach of Nantucket.

Training: am,35 lt rain, ARNWR 14m, 1:47:41, 7:41 pace


  1. Good to pay attention to this stuff, as every little thing helps over the course of two and a half hours of racing. I've been contemplating ditching my insoles for the reasons you mentioned.

  2. Interesting post. We should think more about our form weaknesses. Mine start at the ankles and it's not a pretty sight.

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Where did you get your mantra of “patience, strength, flow” from? I actually have the same words (albeit in different order) taped to my treadmill.

  4. If anyone has form practicing stuff it would be a good topic. I am just a novice learning as I go.

    MJD: My PSF came from a podcast off the old EnduranceRadio interview of a former pro-triathlete turned adventure racer and now motivational speaker.