Sunday, December 17, 2006

Weekly Report: Marathon Time Run

This morning’s family runner (stroller incl.) put us in the ARNWR for a variety of roads\trails. I was more than happy when we exited to find a smooth roll ahead without the stones and roots to bounce things around. We had a total of 8 minutes rest time for stops. I finished the run today sans stroller for one mile at a sub 7:00 pace.

I loaded up SportTracks, Google Earth and downloaded Garmin Forerunner 201 data. My wife doesn’t agree with the Garmin pace or distance results. Boston Marathon training starts on December 24. I will plan to do the scheduled long run of 18m on the 22nd due to family commitments.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 58.5
Number of Workouts: 6
Stretching: light on pre-run and most post-runs
Yoga: Two

P\U, S\U: Routine
Notes: I would like to do the max HR next week.
Issues to Note: Biggest ailment was contracting a virus that left me lethargic and forced a rest day.
Next Week Goal: Mileage 60-70

Training: am, ARNWR 17.0m, 2:36:22, 9:11 pace, 155 (can’t be right for avg.) HR w\stroller

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  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Nice going and best of luck with the Boston routine. I've noticed bit discrepencies in the data between Sportstracks and the Garmin software when I download the same workout from my 201. It's puzzling.