Thursday, December 07, 2006

What Ails Me?

Inflammation of left hamstring tendon
Delicate upper left hip flexor
Stiff right ankle
Mild right shin splint

The bothersome are keeping me from performing a max HR test today. Currently researching how best to take care of them, it’s amazing the wealth of information on the net. I am reading ICE is one of the best methods and to work on prevention. Also, should determine the cause to not let it happen again, especially with the Boston Marathon training starting in two weeks.

I opted for an easy exploratory trail run. I purposefully kept the HR low enough as to not aggravate the above. A new discovery is the physical fitness course, with exercise stations, for the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy located in the Marlborough State Forest. Also, some nice long trails that border the Patrol Road, keeps you off the pavement and on a soft bed of pine needles. It’s sweet to run on. What spoils me are the wooded sections with tree roots, rocks or branches where your forefoot lands and jams your ankle. Ouch! Almost, makes it not worth your while. So, must choose carefully, no daydreaming and heads up running at all times. Garmin battery went dead at 1:36 with three miles left. I’ll have to see what data I can get once it’s recharged.

Deer Hunter Report: NSTR. Only two days left!

Training: am, ARNWR 15m 2:04:14, 8:15 pace, 124 HR


  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Smart move running on the trails. It's amazing how much less the impact is on the body. Hope you heal up soon.

  2. The trails are much softer and it probably outweighs the hazards.

    Hopefully these nagging little issues will go away soon.