Friday, September 29, 2006

Sinus Infection Lingers

My annoying sinus infection lingers and is quite annoying. Thankfully my MP3 player distracts me from the throbbing dull pain in my right cheek with every stride. Today’s run included a little misting rain as I skirted a torrential downpour.

A 21 day

Training: Noon, 8m,1:03:16, 70, rain

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Three Week Hiatus is Over

So, time has passed and things have changed. I won’t bore you with the details.
This is the present: I now run 80% of the time pushing the stroller; it’s interesting and will become more as Fall progresses. Last three weeks have been nothing special for the runs are pretty much five miles each. Lame. Last Saturday I came down with a fever that pushed 101 degrees, I am just now starting to feel about 90%.

Cape Cod is a mere four weeks out. There will be no taper. Plans are to run two races previous if time allows. At least one race. Build mileage and hope for the best. The goal is readjusted to let’s say sub 2:50 would be nice, also achievable, at least from the armchair. I know, it’s a different story when you have been out there for 18 miles and the miles keep getting slower. This will be interesting…

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Marking Time--what happened?

Seems like ever since I ran one week of a mediocre\fast pace my training has fallen off immensely. Why? I have read other bloggers streaming along and some suffering from injuries. My story is unbelievably all mental. It's a state of mind and no less. There is a certain drive to run a PR Marathon as a master that I am trying to regain. Albeit, I am not trying very hard. Why?
Okay, a new phase in my business to bring it to another level has kept me preoccupied for the most part. Still, where is the kick? hmmm...maybe this will pass, soon I hope.
As for running, the days are typical "Average Joe" five to eight milers at an eight minute per mile pace. The two hour fifteen miler on Sunday was cool seeing how we spotted an eight point buck grazing in Great Meadows.
Now, we are in Brewster, Cape Cod. They have a cool rail trail here to run on. The mansion is real neat, but like most resorts there is only so much room to run. t's a good thing I am not shooting the moon with mileage down here, or is it?