Tuesday, January 23, 2007

3x 2000 Workout

Straight to Alumni Field this morning on a powdery half inch dusting of snow from last night.


  1. Short warm-up, only two miles.
  2. Two bottles of mixed Gatorade to avoid getting iced up water.
  3. Colder temperature by ten degrees from last week better acclimated.
  4. Footing would slip as I laid down more laps.
  5. Adjusted pace to MP immediately. 7:20,7:26,7:29
  6. Feel trashed from last week and BM Long Run.

Alumni Field

Training: am,18,fair, Alumni+ARNWR,12.0m 1:40:22


  1. Nice work on tired legs.

  2. with that photo it looks like I was wearing moonshoes

  3. So that's where our snow went.

    Nice that you got something positive out of the workout - doing MP under tough conditions like that was a good idea.

  4. I echo what Jamie said, good workout considering the snow and your fatigue.