Friday, January 05, 2007

Easy and not Pushing

Went down to run eight on the mill and realized after 3.5 that the warmth in my right achilles was telling me to pull the plug at five miles. I did. It took half a mile to warm-up, my right shin and achilles are tight.

There we go, got the bag of frozen peas on it now. Feels good to ice and will hopefully speed recovery. The cold virus lingers, I have taken three shots of Roby (Robitussin) and along with the other methods, it seems to get better. More energy, still a fair amount of phlegm and coughing and sore lower back.

As of yesterday we were discussing whether or not 20 miles on the Boston Marathon course is a good idea this weekend. My thoughts are if the cold virus goes away and the achilles, it should clear as it's been four complete days since the incident. Then the shin is livable, but stupidly there. So, if I do nothing with the shin, will it eventually go away or get worse? Lately it's been icing the area and upon massage it doesn't feel like much there. But, on first running it's a dull mild pain that goes away after warmed up. My thoughts are back to when it first occurred running on the narrow Maynard HS track doing 50 laps, actually noted feeling this a week before. Further research places the New Balance 767's being received about then. Could it be the shoes, it's one thing I should pay better attention to. So, since October I finished up using the earlier version of NB's then switched to the 767's and increased training. Several variables.

The 767's might have at worst case 810 miles on them, let's say they had 75% of that, it would be 608 miles. Hey, that's still above the 500 mile rule of thumb. I better get some new shoes to continue. There is a shop in one of the western burbs here I want to try. I recently read a section of "Running to the Top" about shoes and have a new perspective on the shoe companies and sales. Stay tuned and advise, please on your experience of what works.

Distance: am, Treadmill, 5 Miles, 39:32, 7:52, 146 AHR


  1. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Were all those laps in the same direction? If so, ouch.

    Shoes have been the cause of every "orthopedic" issue I've ever had, but then again I'm orthopedically gifted. I was the only distance runner on my college team who didn't even know any of the trainers.

    I once had an unstable pair of Nikes that caused knee pain and an overly cushioned pair of Sauconys (they were built for heavier runners) that caused some heel pain. I hope that Adidas keeps making the Boston classics for awhile. They are the best I've found.

    I don't want to run a 20 miler unless I can put some oomph into it. At 44, I can't do very many of them.

  2. Anonymous12:06 AM

    I almost forgot. You might want to try guaifenesin in pill form as opposed to the liquid. The brand name is called Mucinex, but it is pretty expensive. The generic is cheap if you can find it. Either way, you'll get a much higher dose than with the liquid. My doc put me on 800mg 3x/day when I had pneumonia.

  3. all laps were in the same direction on a narrow track.

    Maybe I will take a look at the Boston Classics. It's one way to find a good shoe is what works for somebody else, etc.

    Thanks for the medicinal tip, I will look into it. For now, it feels like I am coming out of it.