Thursday, January 18, 2007

Medium Long Run

This is the first of the Medium Long Run (MLR) for the Boston Marathon training program. The intention is to run it at approximately 30 seconds per mile slower than Marathon Pace (MP), this makes it 6:30\mile.

The course selected is 2x Haynes Loop with its rolling hills for ten and then 2x Belcher Hill mile loop Bowker Flats to add up to 12 miles.

  1. Ran faster than scheduled early on in fear of not making the w\o. First mile at 6:40 can lead to negative thoughts, but was able to push it aside.
  2. Tried to gage effort with HR monitor, maybe the cold got to it, readings ranged from 00 to 217 and then some around 155 to low 160s.
  3. First loop (reverse start) put me on the schedule and confidence was restored. Considered slowing the pace, but kept it going because it felt fine.
  4. May have run fast at some points because it felt cold. Post check indicates it was only 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Ice would form in the water bottle.
  5. Went for the flats to nail some MP on weekly tickler. Feels like I am getting obsessed by this count until my confidence builds. Last two miles 6:09,5:59.

Training: am,12,sunny, 12m 1:16:29, 6:22 pace 168 HR better change this battery


  1. Nice run keep up the solid work. My training program starts next week (looking forward to it, also looking forward to my achillies getting better).

  2. Great pace in tough weather.

  3. hope that achilles gets better for you michael.
    Jamie the weather here is probably considered mild to yours, hopefully these cold days are few and far between