Sunday, January 21, 2007

REPORT: Week Four - Boston Marathon Training

What a change in temperature from the last outing on the marathon course; a difference of 36 degrees. The headwind was around 8-12mph on the way out to mile four in Ashland. I added the Nifty-Fifty Miler Coolmax top as a layer to stay warmer. The wind still cut through all three layers. This effort probably absorbed the bulk of my energy as I tried to maintain a 7:00 min. pace.

At the turn I was to run 6:30 until mile eight, switch water bottles and bring in the last 6.5m at MP. Three stops on the way out to adjust my left shoe lace from tightening around the top of my foot. More stops later as ice kept building inside my water bottle.

At one red light I smashed the bottle against the granite curbing to break the seal in order to get it open. Mile eight I filled it with Gatorade Endurance and that didn’t freeze.

Around 17 miles I realized the plan wasn’t happening so I adjusted the goal to finish under 7:00 pace, to within one minute of MP. Started right around Blockbuster and finished pre-Wellesley Hills P.O.

Forerunner = 2:26:54, 6:54/mile, 21.3M
SportTracks = 2:30:00, 6:57/ mile, 21.56M

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 75 – 108% of max, 20% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: light on pre-run and most post-runs
Yoga: Two, intro to Pilates
P\U, S\U: getting better

Notes: Happy to have this first quarter builds over. MP up 2% from last week.
Issues to Note: NSTR
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log, cutback week

Training: am, 10, fair, 2:26:54, 6:54/mile, 21.3M, 149 HR


  1. Nice job. That's a smoking long run. Good end to the week.

  2. Nice long run (and on the back of a solid tempo session), keep up the good work!

  3. Good week Mark. Without the annoyance of the wind and the cold MP certainly would have felt easier. Still, keeping it under 7 minute pace for 21 kept it a quality long run. Maybe conditions will improve next week.