Sunday, January 07, 2007

REPORT: Week Two - Boston Marathon Training

Parked at the BC reservoir and started at mile 21 by Boston College. First order of business is kudos to my darling wife for her longest stroller run on the carriage road up and down the Newton Hills. Meanwhile, I ran to mile 11 and found the gas station didn’t sell fluids (running) and hoofed it down the street to a Greek restaurant for a Gatorade.

Most of the run outbound was against a headwind keeping it a little cool. Early on gloves would have been nice, but made it through just fine with shorts, long sleeve top and a visor hat. I drank water on the outbound with breakfast; oatmeal, bagel\peanut butter and green tea being a full two hours earlier.

At mile fourteen I could feel the push that was put on the previous two miles and was able to work through it. After rounding the corner of the Fire Station in Newton, the hills were ominous and my legs were not up for the task. It seemed like strength was lacking in the muscles. For the whole run it was continual blocking, popping of the ears as they are unbalanced from the remnants of this cold virus. A fair amount of coughing spitting residuals continues. Last two pmiles were a struggle, 7:29 and 7:42-Heartbreak hill. Hope it gets better than this.

A poor experiment with the Garmin allowing it to record mile times as they were off from the beginning. Lesson learned to go with the markers on the road as that is what you will see on race day!

10M@6:50 (68:28)
10M@6:48 (68:08)
Forerunner = 2:24:13, 6:47/mile, 21.2M

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 53.7 – 79% of max scheduled miles (47-68)
Number of Workouts: 5
Stretching: light on pre-run and most post-runs
Yoga: None
P\U, S\U: rock bottom

Issues to Note: Massive attack by cold virus wiping out energy for most of the week. Saving grace is new Brooks shoes and the 20 mile LR on the Boston Marathon Course.
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log

Training: am, 46, sun, 2:24:13, 6:47/mile, 21.2M, 152 HR


  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Mean long run Mark. I believe runs of this length at these paces are without a doubt the cornerstone of a good program. You really did a nice job on this one, especially considering the hills and the fact that you were coming off a virus. Well done.

    Glad you like the shoes too.

  2. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Tough workout! I envy your being able to train on the Boston course. I daydream often of this course and am enjoying experiencing the course vicariously through your postings.